Gorran Party holds transparent elections

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Gorran member casts his vote

Gorran member casts his vote

Gorran’s internal elections began yesterday (Thursday) and more than five thousand voters have gone to ballot boxes to elect the council that will supervise the party’s local units.

The Kurdish Institute for Elections, a civil organisation, has supervised this process. One of its spokespeople told local news agencies that this is the first time that a political party in the south of Kurdistan has held such an election and allowed a civil organisation to observe it.

This exercise proves Gorran does not want to copy the undemocratic practices of the two ruling parties in running their organisations.

Gorran’s internal elections department confirmed that the election has gone very smoothly across the Sulaymani region.

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2 Responses to Gorran Party holds transparent elections
  1. Hamma Mirwaisi
    June 9, 2012 | 11:36

    Do you believe Kurds will ever achieve an independent country?

    In my opinion as long as they are following individual without respect for laws will be difficult to achieve an independent country.

    We as a Kurds are always blaming Kurdish leaders for our people’s misery. I believe the Kurdish people should be blamed instead of Kurdish leaders. Since tribal system Kurds will follow the leaders blindly without objection. After tribal leaders they are following religious leaders and now political leaders.

    Kurds are killing Kurds to force one another to follow their leaders.
    When Kurdish people will learn to follow “constitution” on piece of paper instead of individual?

    Piece of paper could unit Kurdish people instead of so many leaders.

    What are the differences between PKK, PUK, KDP, Islamic parties, communist parties, socialist parties and Goran. You think the name is meaning change will make any different than others.
    One man power is equal one man power.

  2. Kurd
    June 9, 2012 | 13:44

    Great step, but they are not the first party to hold such elections. Recently Islamic Union of Kurdistan held their elections on love TV. Both of these steps should make the KDP and PUK pressured to show more transparency from their side too.

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