Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt – A Yezidi Humanitarian Mission

Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt

By a Correspondent:

Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt, an outstanding leader of the Yezidi community from the Haweri clan, has become a shining figure in the world of humanity.

Amid the brutality imposed by ISIS in 2014, Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt emerged as a true hero passionately dedicated to the well-being of his people. He provided shelter and essential protection to displaced individuals and tirelessly worked alongside his brave team of seven members, even covering their salaries from his own pocket.

At a time when ISIS was abducting young children, Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt embarked on a unique mission to rehabilitate and restore humanity to the hearts of these children. He offered them shelter and vital assistance. Together with his team, he aided children without homes, establishing schools and educational programs under the banner of the Kaniya Sipi School.

This remarkable man-made extraordinary efforts to rehabilitate these children and teach them peaceful coexistence, cleansing their minds of the terrorist ideologies planted by ISIS. He introduced them to educational courses and provided them with uniforms. He organized religious and cultural outings to create a healthy educational and social environment.

He initiated a psychological rehabilitation program to liberate these young minds from the horrors left by ISIS. He transformed these afflicted souls into individuals with deep humanity, far from the shadows of terrorism and heinous acts.

This exceptional man established four schools in various regions, including Sinjar, Qadia, Sharya, and Kabarto. The Yezidi community leadership recognized the value of Mr.Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt through a message of support, ensuring the continuity of his work. The Yezidi religious leader blessed this work.

These schools aimed not only to teach the native language and facilitate social integration but also to eradicate the harmful effects of ISIS’s heinous acts. This project continued for five years with dedication, saving the lives of many people and representing an exceptional humanitarian achievement.

Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt’s efforts received great appreciation, even garnering thank-you messages from the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament. The
Representative Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad expressed gratitude through a thank-you letter.

The Education Department in Sinjar sought to honor his dedication, and the Russian Republic also expressed its appreciation for this exceptional hero. In 2023, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government awarded Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt the Humanitarian Shield.

One of the moving stories involves a 10-year-old boy named Hachem, who was recruited to become a suicide bomber by ISIS. After receiving education and training in weapons and explosive belts, Hachem planned to carry out acts of terror in the same school where the children he had been liberated from ISIS were studying.

But thanks to Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt’s intervention and rehabilitation programs, Hachem found hope once again and abandoned his intentions of committing such heinous acts. Today, Hachem leads a new life, and thanks to Mr. Khairi’s efforts, he has extricated himself from the shadows of extremist ideologies.

Over the four years he spent with these individuals, Mr. Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt has become a beacon of hope. He has conducted numerous television interviews with both local and international channels, including Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, among many others. His dedication and sacrifices serve as a living testament to the strength of humanity and its ability to persevere even in the most challenging circumstances.

Despite his significant efforts, Khairi Ali Kubo Jumblatt has not received financial support from either within or outside the region. Today, as he strives to continue assisting the residents and people in the area, he is seeking backing for a plan to establish a shelter and a home for the disabled in the region.

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