PKK Should Realise Their Armed Struggle is Futile

Turkish bombing of Kuna Masi, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG)

By Arian Mufid:

When Abdullah Ocalan the leader of the PKK was captured in Nairobi, Kenya with the help of all the international intelligence services including the CIA, Syrian Mukhabarat, Mossad, and the MIT, the Turkish military junta managed to jail him since February 1999. Since then, Ocalan has issued several books and diaries on peace and reconciliation; that is the only way of struggle for the Kurds in the North of Kurdistan. In his very first writings published in 2001 after he was imprisoned on Imrali Island Prison (‘ Prison Writings: The Roots of Civilization’) he stated: “This time, because I knew it would be incompatible with my view of responsibility and ethics, I personally was not ready to embark on a guerrilla campaign again; a campaign which I knew would cause yet more sorrow to my comrades and my entire people”. What Ocalan realised and concluded is that the armed struggle is futile in the current international climate. Therefore, Ocalan himself was in a struggle against all the imperialist powers in the world who collaborated to eventually handed him over to Turkey.

What the PKK is doing will not weaken the Turkish position in the Greater Kurdistan but, on the contrary, is used by Turkey’s military junta to justify bombarding and attacking the south of Kurdistan. Turkey with its 19th largest economy in the world cannot be defeated militarily. The Turkish military junta is spending billions on building their army and military machine to fight not only Kurds, but they have also extended their ambition to neighbouring countries such Syria, Qatar, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia. According to the Turkish state, by 2023 their military machine’s key weapon will be drones to fight all modern unconventional wars in the Middle East.

Finally, the PKK should listen to Abdullah Ocalan and end the armed struggle with Turkey. The PKK should leave their bases in the south of Kurdistan, on the Qandil Mountain, and their political wing should go back to deep inside Turkey. Turkey cannot be defeated militarily. Turkey should be defeated by mass demonstrations and mass participation of the mass of the peoples of Turkey. In Turkey, all the nations – Kurds, Armenians, Azeris, Turks and so on – are suffering from Erdogan’s rule and despotic system. As Frantz Fanon recommended, the struggle against imperialism should be accompanied by class consciousness. The armed struggle in the Middle East and in Great Kurdistan should be seen as the most futile struggle to get to Kurdish self-determination. The Kurds in the North of Kurdistan can take the model of modern struggle of Latin America such as in Chile and elsewhere. Armed struggle in the remote countryside is futile. Only mass strikes and demonstration of the mass of people can defeat tyranny and military juntas.

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  1. Baran
    January 12, 2021 | 09:34

    Kak Arian
    The Pkk is not at the origin of this conflict but is a results of now 100 years of assimilation and denial policies of Turkey, but i suppose you knew that already. One thing is for sure: the armed struggle was never the aim but the a means to reach out first to Ankara and then international community. Kurds, ie PKK, for sure not in denial of the fact that they can not wind this armed struggle against NATO’s 2nd biggest army. But Turkey, which inherited an institutional memory from the Ottomans, did never want to find a peaceful solution to this conflict. Thus Frantz Fanon ideas and theories may not be applied to Turkish state. The very number of political prisoner from HDP and other pacific opponents that are in prison is a proof of this naive wishful thought. Turkey, unlike Iran, Iraq and Syria, put all its force in denying existence for the Kurds.

    Well, whats your proposal: Pkks fighters put down their arms and head to Turkish prisons? If not, where in heaven can they have a “existence minimum” so that this doesn’t disturb everyday life for the fellow landsman living in Bashur?


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