Democracy: Egypt’s 21st century pyramid built on sand

By Dr F R Hilmi:

The US and international Occupy movements were modelled on the Egyptian and Arab spring revolutions which is why I see it as necessary to highlight the pitfalls of those movements and the pessimistic outcome they seem to bring about.

The results of the Egyptian Presidential elections were announced on international TV yesterday evening and I have made a quick calculation of percentages and publish them for all to see and make up their minds as to how genuine is RepDem.

According to the CIA’s World Factbook, the population of Egypt is given as 83,688,164 (July 2012 est.)

Despite over a year of politicising, the public in Egypt – after a revolution led by the young seeking democratic change & wishing to install a “Western Style” system of institutions and peaceful exchange of power – the official results announced yesterday for the two front-runners, M Mursi and A Shafeeq, were as follows.

Turnout:            23 672 263        46.42% of true electorate (51461441)

Electorate size calculated:         23,672,263 X 100/46.42 = 51,461,441

That means the percentage of electorate to total population is 61.5%

Candidate         votes cast         % of turnout     % of real electorate

M Mursi:                5,764,000          24%                          11.2%

A Shafeeeq:           5,505,000          23%                          10.7%

Definitions of democracy:

  1. Rule of the people.
  2. Rule of the majority (of the electorate majority).
  3. Rule of the majority (of the turnout on the day).
  4. Rule of half of voters plus 1 – after repeating the election until we get half of any number who turnout plus 1 – cast for one of the candidates. All candidates but the two at the top will be barred in repeated rounds.
  5. Rule of the toss of a coin.
  6. Rule by any rule you wish as long as the people are asleep and stay away from the whole game.

Can anyone explain, according to one or more of the above definitions, how someone getting 23% or 24 % of a turnout can be elected as President and claim majority vote and democracy?  What about the 76-77% of the turnout who did not vote for either of them? What about the 89-90% of the true electorate who did not vote for either of the candidates?

If we calculate that percentages of votes cast for the two front-runners of the total population we get:

Mursi                    6.6%

Shafeeq               6.57%

Egypt has truly taught the world a lesson they will not forget about fools’ democracy, just as they used a great deal of fools’ gold in ancient times.

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