Worldwide protests at Turkish aggression against Kurds

 By Harem Karem: 

Recent killings of civilians by Turkish air raids in the Qandil mountain range across the Kurdistan region-Turkey border have angered Kurds around the world and resulted in demonstrations in front of several Turkish embassies in the past few days.

Despite heavy rain in London on Friday, between 14:00 and 16:00 a noticeable number of Kurds gathered in front of the Turkish embassy in Belgrave Square to condemn Turkey’s crime against humanity in Kurdistan. Shortly before they left, a small group of youths pelted the Turkish embassy with eggs. This was followed by another demonstration on Saturday at the same time and place. In other major cities – such as Malmo, Gothenburg, Jerusalem and Los Angeles – there have also been demonstrations.

The Turkish government is playing the same old trick they used during the genocide of one million Armenians, denying murdering Kurdish civilians and continuing its state terror. Human rights and political activists were quick to respond by calling for more demonstrations on 1 Sep, 14:00-16:00, in Belgrave Square, London for the third time in a week, and in other major cities around the world.

A PKK spokesman told local media that they reserve the right to defend themselves and their people, warning that if Turkey continues its bombardments, there would be consequences while urging the European countries and the United States to stop supporting state terror and human rights abuses by the Turkish government.

United States hypocrisy is rife as Embassy spokesman Michael McClellan calls on the PKK to cease its activities and unconditionally lay down arms, while failing to address the killings of civilians by Turkish warplanes as well as the displacement of hundreds of families from their villages and the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. On the other hand, Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development party continually labels PKK freedom fighters as terrorists for defending themselves and demanding basic human rights, while they themselves support terrorists in Islamic organisations in other Middle Eastern countries.

According to AFP, on Sunday 28 Aug, a group of peaceful protesters from North Kurdistan were demonstrating against Turkey’s recent air raids on PKK bases in Qandil. In order to disperse them, military police responded with tear gas in the town of Cukurca and as a result Kurdish Councillor Yildirim Ayhan of the South Eastern province of Van died after the tear gas canister hit him in the chest. Political observers believe this could spark further demonstrations in the coming days and weeks.


2 Responses to Worldwide protests at Turkish aggression against Kurds
  1. Anwar Mohammed
    August 28, 2011 | 23:57

    The Kurdish people are struggling for their political and human rights recognized by all international norms and declarations. The US is suppose to be in the vanguard of promoting and protecting these principles. While we should not be surprised by Turkish chauvinist denial of Kurdish rights or existence, we should pause and question the US attitude and policy towards the Kurdish problem in Turkey. As for the US ambassador’s request that the PKK unconditionally lay its arms, we tell him never again will the Kurds accept or will endure another 1975. The Kurds are the only other friend the US has outside Israel, they better not loss them.

  2. Kurdistan genocide | Jeffsussman
    August 31, 2011 | 04:53

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