Turkish air raid kills 7 civilian Kurds

Turkish warplanes have once more targeted civilian Kurds during a raid carried out on Sunday. According to local correspondents for Rojhelat.info a warplane targeted a truck carrying a family trying to escape the bombardment. The victims were from the village of Kortek, in Qalat Diza, about 180 kilometers northeast of Sulaymani along the Turkey-Iraq border.

Kurdish victims of Turkish air raid

The names of the victims are reported as follows:
  • Hasan Mustafa Hasan (Father)
  • Mer Haci Mam (Mother)
  • Rezan Hussein Mustafa (34-year-old)
  • Oskar Hussein (10-year-old)
  • Sonya Shemal Hasan (4-year-old)
  • Solin Shemal Hasan (6-months-old)
  • Zana Hussein Mustafa (11-year-old)

Tonight (Monday) in Sulaymani, people took to the streets in protest against Turkish aggression.

In a phone call to CNN on Sunday, a PKK spokesman placed the blame for the latest round of hostilities squarely on the Turkish government and its prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Erdogan has decided for an all-out war,” said Roj Welat. “We will use our right to defend ourselves and our people. … There will be new things probably, new developments will occur, but in what way I cannot say. But all I can say is Kurds will defend themselves. And we are calling on all the European countries, especially the United States, not to support state terror.”