Will the Scottish Referendum Leader Have the Same Fate as the Catalan Referendum Leader?

Scottish Independence supporters © Getty

By Arian Mufid:

Historians have identified British fakery and misrepresentation throughout its history of invasions and occupations. British doctrines are obvious whenever it came to misleading the poor nations. It was Sir Arnold Wilson who said in the 1920s that, “It was in the cockpit of Kurdistan rather than the council of chambers of Europe that the future of The Middle East was being settled”. Today Kurdistan is the most on fire and the Middle East is the most unsettled. The British former colonial power never seems to admit their role in the Kurdish fate. Of course, the British never regret The Irish Potato famine (1845-1852) or The Amritsar massacre in Punjab in April 1919 which killed up to 1000. The French president formally acknowledged his country’s role in Rwandan genocide 1994 but how about Algerian occupation for so many years (1839-1947)? It was characterized by a tradition of violence, but they cannot take responsibility. German is notably silent on the far deadlier suppression of the Maji Maji uprising (1905-1907) in German East Africa that resulted in 200,000 to 300,000 killed. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s Leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party), has accused the UK of using fictitious rules to jeopardize a second independence referendum. The case of alleged sexual abuse by the former SNP leader Alex Salmond was very much motivated by elements of the British state to divert the people’s attention from the people’s struggle for Scottish independence. At the end he was cleared of all charges and claims made about his alleged conduct were claimed to be “deliberate fabrications for a political purpose” or “exaggerations”.

Pro-British Scotland secretary Alister Jack stated that 60% of Scots wanted a plebiscite and don’t want any referendum before a general election in 2024. The Queen as the head of the Royal family is very much concerned that the departure of Scotland will be the biggest punch to the face of The United Kingdom since the Second World War. Ostensibly after Brexit when Scotland was taken out of Europe against their will and many concluded that independence is a bounce back. British isolationism boosted Scottish independence and the independence movement in Scotland insists the second referendum needs the Scottish parliament’s approval and doesn’t need the British to use the Covid 19 pandemic as an excuse. Scotland is a sovereign and legitimate nation with their own their own culture and language, and they deserve their self-determination. Will the fate of Nicola Sturgeon will be the same as Catalan’s former president Carles Puigdemont? Will the army suppress the aspiration of the people? Can Europe recognise the independence of Scotland as all of them disentangle from the UK at this moment?

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