COP26 Can Stop Turkish Aggression Against Rojava

By Arian Mufid:

With many world leaders gathered in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), can they not stop the Turkish plan to invade Rojava, the North of Syria Kurdish enclave? The news of the last few days is that the Turkish military state has approved the attack and invasion of Rojava. The Turkish military junta is digging its own grave and history may repeat itself, with Erdogan’s fate likely to be akin to Saddam’s. The western world will pay a heavy price for their effective silence and compliance with the Turkish plan to attack Rojava in a few days’ time. The SDF is holding more 5,000 ISIS prisoners in their territory and Turkey is effectively seeking to release them; they could now all be freed to pursue attacks across Europe. Turkey is blackmailing Europe and the USA, who should have not accepted this.

The Turkish military junta knows well what the Taliban did in Afghanistan. The junta can do the same in Rojava to kill people and invade the peaceful area in the north of Syria. It is hard to look at what the weak Biden administration is doing and not conclude that it is another betrayal of the Kurds in the north of Syria. Kurds in Rojava have allied with the USA in their fight against ISIS and the destruction of the ISIS Caliphate based in Raqaa. Today’s events remind us that, if it wasn’t for Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991, the de-facto Kurdish state of the south of Kurdistan could not have happened. The internal political and economic difficulties of Saddam’s regime motivated the dictator to invade neighbouring countries and divert the masses’ attention. Rojava is an area that has progressed and flourished for the last few years and that trend is upsetting the Turkish military junta. Rojava has set up their own administration and Kurds are flourishing with the help of France and the US. Erdogan is a dictator who is no different to other dictators in the Middle East. Erdogan not only provoked the Kurds in Rojava, he also divided his own AKP party into several factions. The departures of former prime minister Ahmed Davutoglu and former foreign minister Ali Babacan are examples of internal conflict inside that party and they have accused Erdogan of no longer being able to provide solutions for Turkey and the Kurdish issue in Turkey. Erdogan adopted a different approach, flaunting his wealth and power and equipping the army to invade Syria. Erdogan has displayed his ruthlessness most clearly both at home and outside Turkey. Erdogan has inflicted huge damage to the Turkish economy and the state of its currency. The Turkish deficit stands at $2.4bn, the economic turbulence and the presence of almost four million Syrian skilled workers, has caused massive unemployment in Turkey.

Finally, today’s events strengthen the Kurdish and Syrian democratic movement against Turkey. If the Turkish military junta attacks Rojava, it means they are digging their own grave and history repeats itself. The western world will pay a heavy price for their silence toward another Turkish invasion. The Turkish military represents the most brutal forces in the Middle East and their strategy to suppress Kurds anywhere in the world might be the one that ultimately brings the whole system down and ends their chapter of brutality and torture. The leaders participating in COP26 should realise that the world cannot be cleaned with brutal dictators such as Erdogan in power. World powers such the USA, UK, Italy and France need to warn Turkey before it’s too late. The Middle East’s land, sky and air is suffering due to the existence of a brutal dictator such as Erdogan.

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