The Battle for Mosul is Key for Europe’s Peace and Stability


By Arian Mufid:

In light of what is happening in the Middle East generally and in the city of Mosul especially, the whole world’s attention is now focused on events in these areas and, indeed, if there is insufficiently serious consideration by advisors and supervisors in Europe this will result in severe consequences. The events are pungent, dramatic, and draw deeply on the efforts by the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi forces over the last two and half years to recapture the city of Mosul from the occupation of Isis. The fierce fighting and nature of the resistance by Isis illustrates how these criminals and terrorists are brand new, reflecting the impact of technology on the modern world.

In one incident four days ago in the city of Kirkuk, known for its rich oil reserves, the Isis terrorists infiltrated the city and managed to occupy numerous strategic points and significant buildings. Despite the Peshmerga forces’ renowned skills and bravery, they took almost 48 hours to control the situation. For most of the time the Peshmerga managed to maintain reassurance and stability in the area but despite this they faced great challenges overall in controlling the situation. What we’ve learned is that Mosul is going to be another example of a titanic battle like the Battle of Stalingrad between two opposing major powers. The battle for Mosul to defeat and eliminate the forces of Isis highlights two major facts:

1. European peace and stability cannot be achieved as long as Isis is at large in two major cities of Iraq and Syria. If we imagine what happened in France or Kirkuk being repeated in the UK it would be an immense tragedy resulting in extensive human loss. Isis by definition is the most criminal and powerful jiahdist gang yet experienced, carrying out beheadings, drug trafficking, rape, torture and more. Their ultimate aim and objective is to destroy the modern world and the beauty of nature and the environment. Their aim is to create chaos and instability. Isis are ruthless people who do not care if the whole world is turned upside down in order for them to have a political gain. In one of the incidents in Kirkuk 30 people tried to target one building occupied by one Isis member and, following so much weapon fire, the situation ended with the Isis member exploding himself and destroying the whole building. The same thing happened in Paris: that is why American and European forces have to make sure the whole operation is successful.

2. The allied forces led by France, the US, and the UK need to put more effort and money into strengthening the forces of the Peshmerga and providing ammunition to support them, otherwise their negligence in this respect could affect the whole stability of Europe.

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