Erdogan Invites The Turks To Go Back to Mongolia!

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed:

In the last few weeks there have been rather warm discussions in Erdogan’s presidential palace and in other important decision-making arenas of the Turkish political establishment. The discussions among the Turkish gentlemen have been about how to turn political jokes into reality.

We all remember the man with the faint and fixed smile, Mr. Davutoglu, the man who has a face that looks like he is always smiling. So he was cursed to have that ironical smile as if nothing bad has happened and/ or as if he was in constant hallucination of inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Well, it was a part of Mr. Davutoglu’s doctrine to revive the Ottoman Empire with a package full of funny surprises for the Turks.

Now the Turks have their own version of Laurel and Hardy, that’s Erdogan and Davutoglu, though not because they are pioneers in classical and comic art, but rather because they practice a sort of fascistic politics in a masked manner, which despite its tragic nature, never stops to be funny.

Erdogan was craving to conquer Israel, or rightly said, to “liberate Palestine”, lead prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque, take over Kurdish lands and a long Must-Do-List of colonial temptations. But Erdogan realized soon though that it was a kind of difficult task. He therefore decided to “bend to the storm” as Michel Aflac, the Arab Socialist Ba´ath Party ideologist, used to think. Bending to the storm when it is a must!

Remembering history, Saddam Hussein became an acrobat in his leadership career to bend to the storm. All of sudden he realized that he has too much leadership ambitions, but no skills. That made him to bend too much and too often. The result was not that good as we have witnessed.

Erdogan and Co. have been bending for everybody, starting from Washington to Moscow, Tel Aviv, Cairo etc. The package of selling the Turks as “Moslems”, “Sunnis”, “Europeans”, and “Victims” etc. continues.

Erdogan surprised the world by firing the smiley Davutoglu and discard almost all his doctrines, with one exception: The war waged against Kurdish people. That war must continue.


Davutoglu and Erdogan

By promoting Bin-Ali Yıldırim, Erdogan was hoping to overcome the difficulties. He is himself still in charge, but has put a less smiling mask on his new “Davutoglu”.

The Kurds know by rather bitter experience that the Turks usually demand, scream and threaten more when they are asked to give back what they have taken.

The Kurds who are indigenous people of the area simply want their freedom, the Turks answer by claiming back areas that sometimes in history have been under the occupation of the Ottomans.

The Erdogan initiative is quite interesting.

The proposition of Erdogan to settle the current political problems through assertion of historical rights to certain things requires quite huge intellectual capacities.

If we, just for a moment, consider Erdogan’s assumption to “re-claim” things in history, as a theory and try to implement it, then today’s generation of colonialist countries must do miracles in order to keep up.

Just think what the Belgians must pay back to the people of Congo!

What we should do to today’s Germans in order to make them pay back for what Hitler and Nazism did to more than 6 million Jews, to millions of ordinary people regardless of their background — communists, socialists, homosexuals, democrats etc?

What about the colonizing of the USA? Should all the Europeans who fled the church, the despots, the poverty and inequality of Europe, come back? How?

How could we possibly treat Latin America´s agony; Africa´s horrible continuous colonial nightmare and Asia’s lengthy bleeding, and so on?

In the Middle East, just the city of Jerusalem have been burned down and destroyed at least 28 times in history. The Arab-Islamist conquerers of the Middle East and Africa have changed demography, cultures, languages, heritages, civilizations and so on.

We must ask Erdogan: How long shall we go back in history?

Erdogan does not give us that answer. When it comes to himself, he chose to go back to the very successful times of history, exactly to moments of maximum pleasure. In plain language, Erdogan want to go back exactly to that day in history which gives him the most pelf.

It is however a relevant question to ask Erdogan and Co. fascists: How long do you want to go back in history? We must insist!

The Turks, who are sometimes described in Middle Eastern and European narratives as brutes, invaded Mesopotamia (today´s Iraq) and burned down Baghdad — at that time the city of books, parks and science — in the year 1258.

With easy mathematics (2016-1258) it is roughly some 758 years that the Turks have been settled in the Middle East. The history of the Turks in the Middle East and probably in Europe is the history of exterminating Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Alevites, Yazidis, Shabaks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Cypriots, and Laz, Charkas and even Arabs and religious minorities.

So the right answer to Erdogan’s theory is to rewind back history to some 758 year ago to just before burning Baghdad!

Not just Erdogan, as a matter of fact, but many Turks have an inferiority complex. The Turks are very well aware of the fact that they don’t belong to the indigenous peoples of the Middle East and they definitely are not “Europeans” as they usually, ridiculously, claim.

The history behind the Turks accepting Islam is the same history behind the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, when he slowly converted to Christianity. It is called: Bending to the storm, as the palm trees usually do!

The man with the smiling mask used to say, and quite often, that “We [The Turks] have been here for thousands of years!” What a shame, what a pity!

Erdogan’s aim to portray Turkey as a “victim” is an attempt to criminalize the others. The aim is to be able to proceed with the fascist mentality they have built in the last 90 years.

If some Kurds and a few Assyrians and Armenians are still alive, we should be able to finish them off. The project of Turkish barbaric colonialism, based on denial of the existence of the other, must succeed. That explains Turkish fascism. Erdogan thus tries to conceal the atrocities, the destruction, the annihilation, the theft, the confiscation of others properties, the denial of the others’ existence and rights.

The real solution, contrary to what Erdogan and the AKP’s fascist-Islamism says and does, is to accept the other’s/ everybody’s right to live, to exercise their national and democratic rights, to pave the way for reconciliation between all the parts, to build a sister- and brotherhood between nations.

Mr. Mandela put it rightly in the ‘Long Walk to Freedom’: “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

It is a package which consists of reconciliation, friendship, neighbourly relations, mutual interest and mutual respect.

The Kurd-phobia Erdogan harbours is not and cannot be healthy. It is racism, discrimination and an exclusion that must be put on trial at the international Criminal Court. It is not a limited war; Erdogan has waged a total war against Kurdish people. Turkish fighter jets, tanks, armoured vehicle, heavy artilleries, commando forces, intelligence and Para-military forces and a propaganda ministry have been involved. Turkey has also started to invade parts of Kurdistan of Iraqi Federal Republic and Rojava in Syria.

The suppression includes imprisonment of tens of thousands of Kurdish civil activists. By forcing democratically elected political leaders of Kurdish people into prison, Erdogan is only complicating a political democratic solution which still is possible.

A possible reconciliation can start with freeing Mr. Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdish liberation movement and going back to the negotiation table with the PKK.

Therefore, instead of inviting the Turks to go back to Mongolia through the assertion of having historical rights according to some good years in history, Erdogan can teach his people to respect the rights of indigenous peoples and accept a coexistence based on the right to live and respect for life.

Rebwar Rashed is Co-Chairman of the Kurdistan National Congress – KNK

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