To The International Democratic Opinion: Stop Turkish Aggression!

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed, KNK Co-President:

While the International Coalition, democracies and many decent people around the world are preoccupied with ISIS´s terrorist activities far beyond Syria and Iraq, Turkey is deepening its war against the Kurdish people as never before. Turkey’s war against the indigenous people in the Middle East comprises prohibiting the mother-tongue, culture and music of these people. Displacements, confiscating properties, imprisonment, persecution and committing preplanned crimes are characteristics of Turkey’s outright war.

On July 23rd Turkey declared that it would become a part of the International Coalition against ISIS, but unfortunately Turkey’s overall support for ISIS has since been intensified rather than reduced. Instead of fighting ISIS, Turkey started to attack Kurdish guerrilla forces, the only forces which are fighting and have fought successfully against ISIS.

Turkey has been fighting Kurds despite the Kurdish people’s wish for peace and a political solution. The PKK’s leadership has extended the hand of peace and reconciliation to the Turkish people, presented a road map and concrete models for political solutions and made the proposal for countries and organizations such as the US and EU to mediate. In addition, the HPG (Kurdistan People’s Protection Force) has announced and put into practice many unilateral ceasefires, but Turkey has so far refused to enter into a bilateral ceasefire.

Turkish aggresssion, which intensifies day by day, is not only through its support for ISIS. Repeated suicide bombs against Kurdish peaceful demonstrators, even in Ankara, gunning down children, women and the elderly, destroying Kurdish cemeteries, burning Kurdish shops and homes and enforcing arbitrary curfews are among the Turkish atrocities. The Turkish special military forces [“police”] are everywhere in Kurdistan. These forces are supported by paramilitary gangs whose identities are unknown. They use tanks, armored vehicles, cannons and helicopters. Kurdish cities such as Diyarbakır, Cizre, Gever, Şırnak, Silopi, Hakkâri and Van are turned into war-zones. The city of Nuseiybin is under Turkish military siege now for the 10th day and at least 8 civilians have been killed there. At the same time Turkey is attacking Rojawa Kurds (Syrian Kurds), specifically in the areas of Gire Spi and East of the Euphrates river. Turkey wants to provoke a war with Kurds inside Syria too. Its aim is to find “security” excuses to go inside Rojawa (Syria’s territory) and occupy an buffer area.

Turkey is denying the existence of the Kurdish people and waging an extermination war through assimilation and barbaric oppressive policies and ignoring the Kurds’ cry for peace. The AKP government has a problem-focusing approach not a problem-solving perspective, and therefore it does not respond for calls for dialogue and negotiation.

The Kurdish people’s call for peace, democracy and justice must not go unheard. We call on everyone who believes in peace, stability, friendship, justice and democracy to support Kurds and make a stand against this brutal campaign waged to suppress Kurds into silence and surrender. We ask everyone to contribute to a peaceful solution.

Rebwar Rashed – Co-Chairman of the Kurdistan National Congress – KNK

3 Responses to To The International Democratic Opinion: Stop Turkish Aggression!
  1. Ari
    November 24, 2015 | 19:18

    Kurds in Southern Kurdistan condemn Turkeys Shooting down of a Russian Jet in its strongest terms possible. Turkey yet needs to address its Kurdish question peacefully.

    Obama’s Administration should not temper with the international community on war on IS terrorism. No hypocrisy!

    Promote Peace.

  2. Barawan
    November 25, 2015 | 18:53

    Boycott Made-in-Turkey products in South if US NATO Ally Turkey does not resume immediate peace talks with Kurds in North.

  3. Wally
    November 29, 2015 | 02:22

    Turkey have been killing Kurds over hundreds of years but unfortunately Kurd never learn there Liston, Iraqi Kurdistan are the major supporter of Erdogan every oil pipeline Barzani shifted through Turkey, Barzani can cripple Turkish economy within months by cutting of Oil Supply, and close the border. unfortunately he is allowing Turkey to come to Iraq and bomb Kurdish man women children, I say shame on Barzani.
    one things KURD have to remember that the Turks have no concept of co-exiting with other people never had never will.
    Kurd in Turkey should declare independence instate of trying to co-exist with Turk will not work I said this when they started so called peace process all it was to cool Kurds down and by time.

    Thank you

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