Kurdish Nation in Mourning for the Attack on French Liberties

Mufid Abdulla

By Arian Mufid:

When the Kurdish nation in south Kurdistan was being defeated by Saddamist forces in March  1991, it faced no other choice than to resort to the hills and mountains of Kurdistan. During this time one woman who played a significant role in speaking out about the plight of the Kurds and who greatly influenced the French President in this regard was Danielle Mitterrand, the President’s wife. Mitterand spoke vociferously in defense of the Kurds and her actions encouraged Bernard Kouchner, a junior minister for humanitarian action, to visit the border in early April 1991 to assess the tragedy.

This is not the first time that France has demonstrated ties with the Kurdish nation. In 1964  Bernard Dorin, a diplomat who gave up his career to work for and study the Kurds, in 1968 decided to see for himself what was happening in the south of Kurdistan. He was almost killed during the six months he spent with Mustafa Barzani, the leader of Kurdistan democratic Party , who was fighting for autonomy at that time. In the 1970s Mustafa Barzani led the Kurdish struggle. Following this, in the 1980s, while the PKK drove forward their struggle against the Turkish state, Danielle Mitterand was one of the people who helped set up the Kurdish Institute of Paris, along with Kendal Nazan, an exiled Kurdish physicist from Turkey.

France as a state and as a nation has a special solidarity with Kurds all over Greater Kurdistan. In the early stages of the war with ISIS, one of the nations that came to defend the security of the city of Erbil was France. The visit of President Hollande to Erbil a year ago also marked a big occasion in the history of the Kurdish nation, for such a great figure to have visited the capital of the south of Kurdistan.

The Kurdish nation is very much mourning for their close and historical friend France in its plight following the atrocities carried out by ISIS in Paris last Friday. France is very much in the hearts of every Kurd and France has always offered open arms to help and support the Kurds in their fight for freedom.



3 Responses to Kurdish Nation in Mourning for the Attack on French Liberties
  1. dz
    November 22, 2015 | 06:15

    of course the barbarity of Paris attacks are condemned by every Kurdish person. However I am not sure to call French State as a friend of us after all the suffering and killings in Kurdistan and in ME going back to the French and Britain who behind or back sold us to monsters of Turkish and Arabic and Shia’s killing machines while making it sound almost impossible that we are in charge of our own fate, created states small states in ME and all around the world to keep their corrupt greed in tact. While as a Kurdish man i was taught to be human and understand that barbarism and atrocities do not have anything to do with fight for freedom and dignity, I must admit I do not see myself as a friend of those nations that put us through so much.

  2. Haidar Ali
    November 22, 2015 | 10:52

    Public rally in Najaf today to protest against PM Haidar Al-Abbadi Government for his failure to cope with widespread corruption, provide basic services and cooperate on war on IS in Iraq. His approval rate continues to drop in Iraqi Kurdistan.

  3. Kawa
    November 25, 2015 | 18:35

    Certain Churches have stopped promoting religious tolerance across Europe despite repeated calls by Pope.
    Anti-Muslims sentiments is on rapid rise.
    It’s not fair at all.

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