Message of Sympathy and Solidarity to the French People

By Dr. Amir Sharifi:
Consul general of France in Los Angeles
Dear Mr. Christophe LEMOINE :

We members of the Kurdish American Education Society and the greater Kurdish community in Southern California express our horror at the barbarous attack on the French people in Paris. The death of so many innocent people has deeply shaken and anguished our community. We offer our profound condolences and solidarity to the victims’ families and the grieving people of France. The Islamist monsters once again have caused another carnage in a city that had not yet recovered from the January murderous attacks.

Only the corpses of history are capable of committing such abominable acts against Paris, the city of life, liberty, and light. In honor of the victims of the terrorist attack and irrepressible freedom for which Paris is known, we extend our support to your determination to vanquish the monstrosity of the Islamic State.

Dr. Amir Sharifi
President of the Kurdish American Education Society-Los Angeles

5 Responses to Message of Sympathy and Solidarity to the French People
  1. KIM
    November 14, 2015 | 21:53

    Some facts & figures:

    – Immediate family members of most world leaders pursue their higher education in accredited US, British and European states universities. Almost 80% of them hold citizens or permanent residency cards from a second country.

    – Armed conflicts can be perceived across a number of continents. It’s not confined to South only.

    – Where there is war, expect economic hardship. There is global economic crisis at this point, including developing countries. Kurdistan is incomparable in terms of development. Kurdish citizens may not enjoy state free health care and unemployment benefits now but roughly 70% of them receive free salaries. It makes up for it.

    – Terrorism is a more important priority that corruption. There are about 7000 corrupt Iraqi Arab politicians. 30 Billion of their funds is deposited into thier private accounts in financial institutions, mainly in neighboring and Gulf states. Former Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki is a vivid example.

    – Kurdistan is 7 fold better than the rest of Iraq in all aspects.

    – Hold Baghdad responsible for delay in remitting 17% of Souths National Budget.

    – Expenses of Peahmarga Forces must be covered from some source. They are in the battlefield and they deserve full attention.

    – Countless number of Reporters die all over the world and this figure continues to rise multifold in the Middle East.

    – currently, South Kurdistan leads the war on terror. It is the only secure stable autonomous region cable to ensure its citizens protection. That’s one of the main reasons millions of homeless hopeless refugees have sought a secure heaven. Venerated Pop has repeatedly praised Kurdistan for its hospitality toward the destitute.

    – There will be democracy in South in future.

    – There are about 37 countries that are ruled by a single party system. KRG is represented by all minor and major political parties.

    – Leadership matters and South does require a popular leader in all 4 parts, in particular when it’s stability is under threat by a number of militias in Iraq, extremist Islamic groups as well as certain hostile states toward Kurdish question in general. It’s very critical moment in the history of Kurdish nation struggle.

    – Liberation of Mosul was mainly conducted by KDP along with PUK Peshmergas. HE President Barzani never claimed credit for himself. Do not use that as a card against him. We all are aware who actually conducted the whole military operation otherwise why Shingul was under siege for months and no force dared step in.

    – Happy 231st anniversary Sulaimania city. Duhok, Halabja, Sully, Hawer are all inseparable great parts of South.

    – There are plans for your independence, as well.

  2. Shelia
    November 15, 2015 | 08:25

    I was to express my deepest condolence to all victims of recent terrorist attack in France to all its citizens irrespective any religious belief.

    Please accept my sympathy at this difficult time.

    From Kurdistan

  3. Rebin
    November 21, 2015 | 07:08

    If any powers tends to assist the Kurds, including Russian Federation, France, UK or Islamic Republic of Iran, KDP must welcome them.

  4. Michael Koontz
    November 22, 2015 | 04:46

    Le peuple de France.. Je suis tres benisse pour Le tragedy en Paris. De Mon coeur je suis tres desole.
    That’s the end of my French. Hope I got it right. in English, I am very sorry to the people of France for the tragedy that occurred and to the families of the fallen. Je suis tres desole.

  5. Mansoor
    November 27, 2015 | 12:12

    American administrations expansionism and adventurism gave rise to terrorism in the ME.
    CIA established, funded and armed IS. Russia is cleaning up their mess in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan for the last 15 years. NATO and EU must cooperate with Russia on war on terrorism. Its in the bets interests of US Government to stay out this mess they left behind before things get further aggravated. They know better how to cope with it.

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