Paris Attack Is Attack On The Free World!


By the Kurdistan National Congress:

Mr. President Hollande,

The People, the Government and the Parliament of France!

We condemn yesterday’s November 13th terrorist attack in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the French people. This terrorist attack, like so many before it, is an assault on democratic and freedom principles that are essential to a free world. It reminds us that the struggle to defeat terrorism is a long way and takes time and need patience.

This is not the first time France and the people of France face such terrorist acts. We express our deepest sympathies to the people of Paris and the people of France for this terrible terrorist attack.

As the people of France and the international democratic opinion is aware, Kurdish people have been facing terrorist acts both of state-terrorism and non-state organized terrorism. During the last 2 years, especially since July 23rd, Kurdistan in Turkey (Bakur) has been under a harsh military curfew. Disappearance, arbitrary arrest, systematic torture of civilians, shooting at children, women and elderly, destroying houses, shops and shattering the already poor infrastructure, has been the regular work of the Turkish commando and security forces who enjoy the total protection of the Turkish state under the AKP. The Turkish state-terrorism is completing that of ISIS and Jabhe Al-Nusre and other Islamist radical and Islamist extremists who have been fighting Kurdish people in the most aggressive and barbaric manner. Collective arbitrary punishment, extermination, rape, enslavement, confiscating properties and changing the demography of Kurdish areas, including the names of villages and cities, are among the atrocities. There has been a genocide against Yezidi Kurds, especially in the city of Shangal. The last terrorist twin-bomb attack, in Ankara on October 10th against Kurds, was very much similar to the cowardly terrorist act that happen to you yesterday.

Similar atrocities have been committed against Kurdish people in Rojawa in the cities of Hesseke, Qamishli, Kobane, Afrin, etc., and also in Kurdish areas under control of the KRG. In the great majority of cases the victims are innocent civilians.

So, we, the people of Kurdistan, feel the pain and the ache you feel, in our hearts and know how difficult it is to lose loved ones. This is indeed a national pain and a national tragedy.

The most important thing for us, the Kurdish National Congress, now is to express our condolences and to tell you that the thoughts and prayers of Kurdish people are with the families of those who have been lost in Paris and France. We stand with the people of France through this very difficult time.

We believe that a good answer to many different kinds of terrorism is through building a stronger secularist world, with freedom, liberty, social and universal human rights and gender equality as its fundamental principles.

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  1. Majeed
    November 15, 2015 | 15:57

    Kurds in Virginia, USA condemn the recent vicious terrorist attack in France in its strongest possible.

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