South Kurdistan protests the murder of Kawa Garmyani

KT News:

Protest in Suli

Protest in Suli

There were protests across South Kurdistan today (with the exception of Hawler) against the murder of journalist Kawa Garmyani who was gunned down outside his home in Kalar on Thursday night.

About 1500 people joined the demonstration in Suli centre, which began at 1500 hours. Slogans included: ‘We won’t be silent’, ‘Murdering journalists is murdering freedom of speech’, ‘No to terrorising of journalists’, ‘If the murderers of Soran Mama-Hama and Sardasht Osman were arrested and prosecuted, Kawa Germyani wouldn’t have been murdered’ and  ‘The murderers of Kawa Germyani must be revealed’.

There is clearly a great public sympathy with Kawa’s family. His widow told the local media:

“I survived the Anfal campaign when I was seven years old while my family were killed and since then I lived with my aunt. I married Kawa last year, whose dad was also killed when he was just a child and he was raised by his single mum. Now I’m eight months pregnant and my child will never see his dad!”

Over the past four years there have several similar cases. None have achieved justice and the murderers roam free while fingers of blame are pointed at the oligarchs.

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