Sorry Charb – We Couldn’t Protect You!

Mohammed Ismail

By Mohammed Ismael:

I am not French; I do not understand the French language. I can’t cite any French authors. French culture is totally foreign to me. Should I visit France it would be a total culture shock for me. But today I know how the French feel. I want to speak French and sing in French to tell my feel in French language.

Today your nation has suffered at the hands of terrorism. Kurds can understand well better than all nations as we suffered at the hand of terrorism during history.

Kurdish Peshmerge are fighting terrorism every day against ISIS on behalf of the whole of humanity they are under-resourced and don’t have the capacity to face this challenge alone, they need international assistance.

Whilst terrorists were attacking Charlie Hebdo yesterday, Peshmerge were fighting ISIS terrorists and sadly more than twenty Peshmerge were killed.

Just a few months ago Charb said, ‘Peshmerge protect us not from Islamist fanatasists, but from the most barbaric gangsterism known as Dash (IS).’ Charb we are sorry that we couldn’t protect you!  Yes unfortunately we couldn’t protect Charb and his colleagues from this terrorist attack.

These leads us to question the fact that some members of the coalition nations for various reasons deal with these individuals in order to achieve their political, ideological, strategic and economic goals.

Today, I am extremely sad, Peshmerge sad, French people sad, Humanity sad!

Mohammed Ismael – Editor-in-chief at TRT6 Sorani Bulletin – Ankara, Turkey

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