The sorrow of a peshmerga for this president who says, ‘I am peshmerga’

By Salman Kochary:

It is often said that “actions speak louder than words“. Hey, Mr President! Someone who lives in sorrow understands well the bitterness of sorrow. When the interests of those who live the high life is jeopardized, they are always talking about the peshmerga. The name of peshmerga becomes the topic of their conversation.  In the run-up to elections they renew the revolution and they resell us the revolutionary age in the present time.

Hey, Mr President, thousands of peshmergas have left their families to serve our people but they do not have any money to maintain their homes!

Mr President,  just devote an hour to visiting the streets. But – please! – go there plainly, not with a hundred tinted-window cars. Go plainly to the homes of poor people. Those homes that have empty refrigerators and penniless occupants. Those homes where the fathers’ emotions resemble a desert. Go there! Then you will know who are the peshmerga and what their conditions are. Mr President! Consider the poor areas (slums), and the empty pockets of a mother with five children, while their father is on active service alert for war and in the trenches; and make a comparison between your sons and the peshmerga. Hey, Mr President! This is quite enough. Do not be so proud. God sees all of us. God is aware of the sadness, pain and inequality of thousands of peshmerga who pray for sustenance and mitigation of their loans.

Hey, Mr President! A short while ago, one peshmerga (Mr. Ahmad) lost one of his legs in an ambush in the dust and soil of the desert. Now this peshmerga is in deep sorrow and has become just skin and bone. The sight of this peshmerga makes hundreds of people cry: Hey, Mr President, where are you? Go and understand the feelings of this peshmerga and thousands of others like him. Hey, Mr President! If one of those government officials who drinks at midnight and gambles with dollars and overspends the budget gets wounded, where do you cure him?! Where will you bring him?! You will bring him to a private hospital with a lot of tinted-window cars following him.

Hey, Mr President! This is quite enough, think about others. Get out of palaces and high towers in the same way as the peshmergas in recent days who are always out. They put dry bread in their pockets.  Be well aware: Your power is the shadow of your former self. Hey, Mr President! We have seen many others who enjoyed the good life. But where are they now? So, Mr President!  Go out! Or else the wrath and pain of the peshmerga and the poor will burn the palaces. They have had quite enough.

Translated by: Awara Abdullah

4 Responses to The sorrow of a peshmerga for this president who says, ‘I am peshmerga’
  1. Salar
    August 4, 2014 | 22:45

    Some politicians take advatage of the ongoing war. They pose pictures with Peshmargas to boost thier popularity. Some shed crocodile tears. Indeed we all know who is who.

  2. Kawa
    August 4, 2014 | 23:13

    This is time for national unity. You are insulting Peshmargas.

  3. Beyan
    August 5, 2014 | 02:55

    زۆر زۆر بەداخەوەم کە ماڵپەڕەکەتان لە دۆخی ئاوها دا نووسراوەی لەم چەشنە کە هیچ لە بەرژەوەندی و قازانجی خەڵکی کورد و یەکێتی کورد دا نییە بڵاو دەکاتەوە. ئەوە نە ڕۆشنبیرییە و نە مرۆڤدۆستی، ئەوە تەنیا خەڵکی کورد بە دژی یەک هاندەدات. ئەگەر کوردستانتان دەوێ دەبێ خەباتی بۆ بکەن، خەباتکردنیش خۆبەختکردنی دەوێ. باوەڕ نەکەم ئەوانە گازندەی پێشمەرگەی کورد بێ، چون پێشمەرگەی کورد هەوڵی پاراستنە نە وێرانکردن.

  4. Rauf Naqishbendi
    August 10, 2014 | 00:54

    Well done job Salman, keep it up. I am disgusted with comments from Beyan. Salman is right that our high ranking Kurdish officials are Billionaires while poor peshmargas and the majority of our people are impoverished.
    These thugs Barzani and Talibani are now complaining that peshmargas don’t have matching weapon to ISIS. Well, they had enough money in the past, and, instead buying weapon and arming peshmarga, they pocketed Kurdistan revenue into their own coffer.
    One need not to worry about Barzani and Talabani, once they are threatened they will flee to Europe or other countries as they have done in the past. And they will be welcomed for they are one of the richest people in the world.
    These leaders they have no feeling for their people, when was the last time Barzani or Talabani has been visiting distressed communities or any Kurdish familie? When Halabja was chemical bombed did Barzani or Talabani visited the survivors of Halabja in Iranian camp? These leaders all they care about is themselves, and they need Kurds only to provide them with power and money. They are thugs.

    Sure we need to be united to fight ISIS but in a meantime atrocities Talabani and Barzani committed against Kurds are unforgettable and unforgivable.

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