On Kobanê: inaction of Western World and Turkey is more brutal than IS


I don’t need to tell you about the brutality of the IS group over the last several months. I don’t want to give you the background to this tribe, drawn from the most backward families and tribes of the Middle East and the world. But shame on you who proclaim democracy while watching a nation be slaughtered at the hands of the most brutal forces in the world – these international gangs that see no intrinsic value in human beings. Shame on Europe that lauds dignity and respect for humanity. Where is the western world’s civilisation and protection for these poor people, a nation that has attacked no one and just wants to live in peace and freedom?

When the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011 the balance of forces moved positively towards the democratic forces until mid-2012. The Turkish MIT security services carried out a plan to change the complexion of the Syrian opposition by helping establish and support IS, for two reasons. First, Turkey has its own reasons for attacking the Bashar Assad regime and, second, to attack the Kurds in the west of Kurdistan after they established their own self-governing cantons operating separately from the rest of Syria. Turkey’s role has in fact been more brutal than IS over the last several weeks in several ways.  First, the true colour of the Turkish state has been revealed through its lies to the world about wanting to help Kobanê. Second, they really moved their forces to the borders of Kobanê in case the  Kurds win the battle and then they can invade on some ‘humanitarian’ pretext. The Turkish authorities consider the (Syrian Kurd) PYD as a branch of the PKK and for this reason cannot wait to see Kobanê fall into the hand of IS.

Kobanê needs help. The Kobanê people have become the heart of Kurds everywhere. Kobanê has become the glorious symbol of resistance to the brutal forces of IS. The heart of Kobanê is Kurdistan and this will never fall.  The Western world’s dishonesty  towards Kobanê to me is more brutal than IS. The world needs to really wake up to the danger posed by this group, not only to the Kurds, but to the entire world peace and civilization. A coalition of 14 countries, with all its air power and technology, somehow was unable stop the advance of IS into Kobanê. This is beyond belief and a terrible, cruel injustice.

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  1. jordan
    October 8, 2014 | 10:21

    As an American, I support an independent Kurdish nation.

    October 11, 2014 | 05:33

    As an American I offer my apologies to the Kurdish people. The overwhelming majority of the American people are behind you. I apologize for our President. Our media, our military and the better part of our citizenry have been imploring him to intervene in your behalf. Sadly our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Our President has been busy playing golf and raising money (which he is allowed to keep when he leaves office) to hear us.
    Shame on Mr. Obama and shame on Mr. Erdogan. History will not judge them kindly. I am ashamed of my country for not coming to the aid of all the Kurds, Christians and Ezidis who have perished while the President played at being President.

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