Viva Kurdistan!

Rick Trujillo stands with the Kurds

Rick Trujillo stands with the Kurds

By Rick Trujillo:

Companeras y Companeros (Sisters and Brothers),

Please accept our greetings, (Hola), from southern California.

Our organization, LCLAA, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, San Diego & Imperial Counties, consider the Kurdish family of peoples – your land (tierra) Kurdistan, your fighters and, most especially, your magnificent culture – a blessing to humanity.

Your example, over many decades, and long before that, is today, in these trying times, an inspiration that has caused tens of millions, throughout our world, to take pause and be reminded of our common responsibilities.

We Latinos, like yourselves, exist for the joy of our children, all children, and the care of our elders, all elders. This is the essence of human evolution and culture.

We Latinos, Mexican, Salvadoran, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Bolivian and so many others, in Our Americas – not only in America, but in Mexico, Central and South America – are neither blind nor uninformed. There is very little doubt, Latinos, including in the Caribbean, especially the united Cuban people, are with you, mind and spirit.

You are writing your own history, you are constructing the most modern thinking nation in your region. This is why so many are haunted by a democratic, politically and secular minded nation, in the making.

You are teaching what courage, bravery, devotion, duty, honor, and sacrifice means in real time.

Your unity, will prevail, as against other interests only concerned with their separate competing advancement.

We demand you receive the weapons you have asked for to defend fleeing humanity while simultaneously defending your people, culture, and lands.

You represent the only trusted force worth communicating with. Your military arm is exemplary. The world knows who you have already saved.

Your women fighters are immensely popular.

All democratic freedom fighters, past and present, of Mexico, Central and South America, recognize themselves in your dedicated combatants.

To the families and loved ones of your fallen, we will remember and honor yours as we remember and honor ours.

We fully intend to act on our shared humanity, our cultures.

We Xican@s, have deep roots in Mexico and among all indigenous tribe/nations, resident in our Americas. We are seeking that they, too, join LCLAA to exclaim: Mi casa, es tu casa, our house is your house; and also En Lak Ech, a Mayan pronouncement that politely proclaims: We are you, you are us.

Another Spanish phrase that resonates from Spain to Mexico, Central and Latin America, is NO PASARAN. It means : “they shall not pass” or “we will stand, they shall not pass”. This was the popular slogan of the Nicaraguan people against the ‘contras’, the U.S. backed counter-revolutionaries.

This is how you will get the attention of your allies throughout Mexico, Central and South America … They are there, the thinking masses – for example, in Mexico they know about beheadings by narco gangs, and this is just one example.

Solidarity from San Diego

Solidarity from San Diego

Our LCLAA is planning to make a banner using this phrase and display it on the pedestrian overpass of the busiest border crossing in the world at San Ysidro, USA and Tijuana Mexico….this way motorists by the thousands will be reminded of you and your culture….we can do no less.

We hope you are beginning to see the immense potential of common communications against the fake world press. Invite the likes of Naomi Klein and other similar competent female journalists, especially Latinas, to Kurdistan and have them report on the triumphs of women’s progress in Kurdistan. At this moment, you are the center of politics worldwide and taking the lead in Women’s Liberation…working women are not looking at Hillary Clinton for their Liberation…they are witnessing you.

Rick Trujillo, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, San Diego & Imperial Counties Chapter, political and community coordinator

Rick Trujillo is a retired train operator, 28 years of public service, 70 years of age and the past president of the Santa Clara & Benito Counties chapter (Northern California) where he was a leader of his transit union as vice-president. He lives near San Diego and has met with Kurdish folks at the Kurdish Human Rights Watch in El Cajon, also near San Diego.

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  1. Khalil
    October 10, 2014 | 18:07

    To US Admin and Kurdish leadership: Any update on independence?

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