Oil and ISIS

By Freeyad Ibrahim:

The terror organization , so-called ISIS, undeniably has multifunctional missions and tasks to achieve in the Middle East. It began first in Iraq.

First: to be involved in Iraqi interior affairs and to impose a government to their liking, and that is what has happened recently. Second: to put pressure on the Kurds to take part in the new government.

One may ask: why is a united Iraq so important to the US? The answer is : a united Iraqi means a stable Iraq, and a stable Iraq means a stable production and export of oil. And, more essentially, a stable oil price. Chaos, on the contrary, leads to a real crisis in the oil market: as a result, oil prices would fly sky-high, and this would impact on the oil price in the whole region and the world.

Now two goals have already been achieved, thanks to ISIS. What should the third, fourth and fifth…. be?

It is obvious that every state in danger of being attacked from outside needs to get weapons to defend itself. The new Iraqi government, and the Kurdish government, will certainly buy sufficient high-tech weapons from the US and the West in order to fortify themselves against the new threat.

Some European countries have already shown their desire and readiness to provide the Kurds and the Iraqis with the weapons they need to defend themselves against the (Western) ISIS. Today, for example, the French president announced that his country is supplying arms Iraq’s Kurds to fight against the Islamic State Jihadists . His EU partners are looking at doing so.

I do not think that Mr. President would have shown the same enthusiasm if Kurdistan was not an oil producing and exporting region.

I believe strongly that, if Syria’s Kurds were as rich as Iraq’s Kurds, France and its EU partners would have supplied them with arms first, because they need them more urgently, and have been fighting alone against their regime’s forces and ISIS.

Yes, the French Foreign Minister, like his EU partners, has expressed his deep sorrow and concern about what has happened to Iraq’s Kurds, but he uttered no word about the daily killings committed against the Syrian Kurdish civilians. The poor have no friends, as the proverb says.

US and Europe, act exactly as another proverb says: Eat with the Wolf and Cry with the Shepherd!

Freeyad Ibrahim was born in Soran, near Erbil. He was forced to flee Iraq in 1997 and now lives with his family in the Netherlands. He writes and translates in Kurdish, Arabic, English, Dutch and Farsi.

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