Notes on Kurdish issues

Mariwan Pauls

By Mariwan Pauls:

Arab Iraqi Nationalism

The Arabs’ (Iraqi or otherwise) hatred of us, the Kurds, is as alive as ever. I was listening to a few Iraqi commentators about Iraqi politics and their hatred and disapproval of anything Kurdish and Kurdish politics was shocking. (Or was it? Should we be surprised? Perhaps not!)

It doesn’t matter who rules Iraq – Baathists, Sunnis, Shias, one party rule or parliamentary system – the hatred is the same.

They – being Arab nationalist and, let’s face it, most still are (regardless of the party affiliation or religion) – just cannot accept that the Kurds should have any say in anything, even ruling their own internal affairs.

We all should follow what Baghdad decrees. In this day and age, and after decades of criminal policies directed against us, they still think that we should accept Baghdad’s rule, right or wrong. The thinking is the same as it was during Saddam.

And it doesn’t matter where they live – be it in London, Beirut or Abu Dhabi – they are consistent in hating the Kurds and blaming all Iraq’s ills on the Kurds. They keep talking about the independent oil agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the oil companies. The threats they issue against the oil companies and KRG!

Can somebody point out to them: Why don’t you utilise the revenue from the rest of Iraq’s oil sales to invest in the rest of Iraq? Have you seen the standard of living of ordinary Iraqis and images of the abject poverty gripping Iraq? Where is the investment in schools, housing, hospitals and roads after 10 years of being in power??

The standard of living is falling down, millions are in poverty and all the government is concerned about is that the Kurds are acting independently and not listening to the Dictators in Baghdad! Again? After all that we have suffered and been through?  Nobody says a word about that and their common approach is to complain that the Kurds are taking revenue from oil extracted from KURDISTAN. Typical mindless, nationalist thinking.

At least the KRG is investing some of the revenue (albeit not the majority of it – but that is a different topic of debate) back into Kurdistan. (Needless to say, the contracts should be transparent, the revenues declared and accounted for and invested fully inwardly in Kurdistan).

PS: My comments above apply also to the Turks and the Persians. Is there a common theme between those three major oppressive nationalist rulers to hate us? Any ideas?

Ocalan and the PKK

If anybody can help, then please do. I would like to know what will the Kurds gain in Turkey from Ocalan’s proposals/concessions?

All the concessions are given by him and what is Turkey giving back to the so-called peace process, apart from setting up a group of so-called ‘Wise Men’ to look into the problem?

Has anybody seen anything? It’s a very dangerous step to make, without knowing what Turkey will give back in return.

The most important point here is that the mass, popular Kurdish consciousness and awareness in Turkey goes beyond what Ocalan says or does (due to MIT pressure or a selfish desire to be freed), and it is the massive Kurdish democratic movement in Turkey that will have the final say. This movement is unstoppable towards gaining full democratic rights, with or without Ocalan, with Turkey’s approval or otherwise.

Millions of Kurds in Turkey are willing to go to every length to secure their rights, with or without the PKK if need be.

Kak Nawshirwan

In a recent KNN interview, Kak Nawshirwan mentioned something about religion and its influence on him. I had never noticed – after years of following him and reading his articles – or thought that Kak Nawshirwan Mustafa’s religious beliefs influenced his politics. I know we are all getting old (tending to go back to the religion we were born with), but for Kak Nawshirwan to say this is something new.

Mariwan Pauls was born in Sulimanyah in 1954. He moved to the UK in July 1981 to study for a post-graduate degree. He is a Software Consultant,  based in Winchester, UK, but working in Europe. He is an avid follower of Kurdish politics and contributes now and again with articles when he feel strongly about a subject he has to comment on.

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One Response to Notes on Kurdish issues
  1. Mesut Bakuri
    April 7, 2013 | 20:08

    Very good notes!Arabs will never learn!They would rather live in extreme poverty and internal conflicts than see their neighbors succeed!They could adopt our ways to promote their living standards,but they are too proud!With regard to Bakur,i totally agree!With Kak Nawshirwan:I think he is religous as always and he is a savvy politician as always.He knows that Kurdistan is becoming extremely religously conservative and he wants to utilise it!

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