Kurdistan Became a Paradise – for the KDP and PUK

By Ismael Aziz:

After ISIS attacked the south of Kurdistan in August 2014, 1,700 Peshmergas were killed and 12,000 injured in the ensuing conflict. While the leaders of the two dominant Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) parties, the KDP and PUK, made visits to the battlefields to take selfies and show their presence for the sake of the media, they made no sacrifices and didn’t lose any close family members in the fighting. The economic crisis of recent years did not affect them and they still managed to keep their big salaries and bonuses. While the elites of these two parties thrived, thousands of Peshmergas sacrificed their lives in that war and even today their families are being chased by debt agencies for rent and other expenses as was recently shown on BBC2 which told the story of a peshmerga who lost his leg and was then killed in Mosul and yet creditors were still chasing him for money.

The KDP and PUK have often failed to pay outstanding salaries and pensions to the families of martyred peshmergas and as a result there is a lot of anger among these families towards the KRG and the two ruling parties in Kurdistan.

The KDP and PUK have no zeal of nationalism for the Kurds and Kurdistan. They have never met their obligations towards the Kurdish movement: over the last twenty-seven years of the KRG there is no record of great achievement for the nation that sets any example for other nations in the area. In a recent report, the oil company Dana Gas refers to an increase of production, but this will only mean more profits for the company and additional income for the two ruling parties, while the mass of the people are suffering as a result of the unequal distribution of income.

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