Kurdish Exile’s Brief Thoughts on His Visit Back Home

Yasin Aziz

By Yasin Aziz:

This is my email to a British friend following my recent trip to the Kurdistan Region:

Hi Judith,

I am fine and my trip was nice to my beloved KRG . Even when I landed that morning at Slemani there was the IS terrorist attack around Kirkuk, and a few brave peshmarga lost their lives. We are used to that, as we have been taxed with blood in our recent history.

I may go to live there or stay longer with my people in future or after the summer heat. The West is never honest with Kurds, they want us to fight but do not give us proper tools/weapons, they even help IS terrorists with money, weapons and intelligence; otherwise how can they target our peshmarga leaders?

It is all obvious this is a game funded by Arabs, and Turks: if they close their border in the face of IS, the terrorist actions will stop.

Anyway, I did my own research with many of my people and that is their view. The West treat us as less than humans, to get threatened, terrorised to accept enslavement and submission to tribal Arabs, the Nazi regime of Turkey and the Iranian corrupt Ayatullahs

About 16th March, I would love to, I am afraid I cannot attend as I signed up to attend the KRG 16th March Halabja memorial day. Perhaps on another occasion we hopefully meet up with our friends. I hope you have a good day on the 16th with Brian and all other friends of Kurds and Halabja.

Yasin Mahmoud Aziz is from Halabja and lives in the UK. He is the author of ‘Dum Dum Castle’ and two books in Kurdish and he is planning several more books. ‘A Few Days Life of Revolution in Halabja’ is due to be published in the coming months. Email: yasin2111@hotmail.com

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