HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş, 2 Ministers, Several Deputies on March to Besieged City Cizre

Selahattin Demirtaş

Selahattin Demirtaş

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Press Release:

A delegation of the political party of the HDP was en route to the city of Cizre from Midyat district in solidarity with the besieged civilians facing a state of emergency and martial law. However, Turkish police and authorities, on orders of the Interior Minister outside of Mardin-Midyat, stopped the delegation of cars and buses.

On being stopped, Demirtaş, climbed on a bus and announced the convoy would still proceed on foot irrespective of the ban to move further. As a result, thousands have joined in the 90km march on foot to the city.

Demirtaş stated that “Upon a decision made by the Prime Minister, we are being blocked 90 km to Cizre and not allowed to leave Midyat even. We, however, cannot leave the people of Cizre to death. Together with ministers and deputies, we are going to Cizre on foot.”

Cizre has been besieged and has been in a state of emergency and police crackdown by the Turkish security forces for the past 6 days. 8 civilians have been shot and several wounded by security forces, in the form of snipers on rooftops; the result has been that citizens are unable to leave their houses. Individuals who have dared to leave their houses, if only to buy food and bread, have been shot, with their bodies left on streets; or if wounded, unable to get to hospitals or have access to ambulances.

80 year old man from district died after he was prevented from having access to ambulances and medical care. At the same time a 6 year of child was also shot in the Nur district and his body remains kept on ice by the family in their home, who are likewise unable to leave their house. An unknown number of snipers are situated on rooftops, continuing to terrorise civilians from leaving their houses, taking the injured to hospitals or burying their dead.

The dire situation led to the HDP delegation to attempt to enter the city in solidarity with the besieged town’s people, but also to help break the curfew and state of emergency, and to witness and document that atrocities occurring against the civilians.

As the international community remains silent on the ongoing terrorism of the Turkish forces towards the Kurdish civilians, it is left to the democratic voices and people to provide the much needed support that the city of Cizre needs. It is not clear whether the peace delegation can enter the city safely and break the state of emergency.

It is essential that international media raises awareness about this importance march for peace immediately as the entry of the convoy into the city could mean life or death for the besieged civilians.

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