Gulen Doesn’t Want to be Labeled Anti Anything So He’s For Everything: It’s A Dead End For Gulen’s Cult Missionaries

By Dr. Aland Mizell:

I have been writing about Gulen’s cult in this journal and in other newspapers for some years. I have emphasized that Gulen’s cult is a threat to the national security of Turkey, to the United States, or to any country they are operating in, because their goal is to rule the world. I am glad to see this has finally come out in major media especially about those academicians who were paid to write about Gulen and his scam empire and who refused to publish anything negative about the cult.

Turkey is at war with Gulen and his organization; the movement is an information-control cult. Gulen is a man who created a culture of enmity that polarized the nation. Erdogan had allowed Gulen to take control of the police, the judiciary, and large parts of the state apparatus. In turn the Gulen cult established a republic of dirty tricks with illegal wiretappings, fabricated evidence, slander, blackmailing of innocent people, and disinformation. Since Gulen did not want to take orders from anyone except directly from Allah, he eventually turned against Erdogan and the AK party. He ordered some of his MP followers to resign so that the AKP would be weak and Erdogan would be ousted with a vote of no confidence, but he proved to be wrong. I guess Allah tricked Gulen. So now Erdogan is trying to finish Gulen. Gulen is responsible for bringing Turkey to its current crisis. Now Western media try to portray it like the rule of law or democracy existed in Turkey before Erdogan began to go after Gulen’s cult, a portrayal that is nonsense. Those who have called on Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu to respect democracy and the rule of law should be calling on the Gulen cult movement to do the same. It is undeniable that President Recep Tayip Erdogan damaged the Gulen cult and will continue to finish him domestically and internationally, but actually there is nothing left for Gulenists to defend for their holy imam whom they think God sent at least in Turkey.

One of the biggest questions people had in their mind about Gulen’s cult mission organization was how did this organization become so big and so powerful and where did money come from? Now people know the answers to both questions. The reason they became big and powerful is because they lied, cheated, deceived, distorted, and manipulated the people by being double faced. They went to the secular pretending to be secular, they went to the religious pretending to be religious, and they went to atheists trying to be humanists with interfaith dialogue, love, and peace.

There is a civil war going on in Turkey and against the AK party. Kurds are not Turkey’s problem, but rather the Gulenist cult with its particular religious ideology is the biggest threat to Turkey’s stability and democracy. In other words, the PKK is not the greatest danger to Turkey but Gulen and his movement are the biggest threat to Turkish democracy. The Kurds in Turkey are rightly seeking justice for their basic rights from the Turkish government and Turkey is their homeland. However, Gulen and his cult are seeking to change Turkey or replace it, so that it is under his rule imposing his way of life on the people and forcing them to believe his cultic Islamic belief and ideology.

It is a very dangerous cult and must be contained. Gulen is an arrogant and very prideful person, but that arrogance and pride will destroy him and his empire. Gulen and his vast educational network operating throughout the world and sympathizing with his views received the attention of Western intellectuals primarily because he was seen as the alternative to radical Islam. Gulen does not want to be labeled anti anything. He is for everything. Even the founder of Islam Prophet Mohammed was against non-Muslim believers. You cannot be everything; if you are, then it is a lie. So Gulen trains his followers to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them. Gulen and his followers regard even Turkish people who do not follow him and his cult as non-believers although for a long time he fooled everybody whether they were secular, religious, or non-religious people.

Gulen’s movement is nothing but a lie. Gulenists are forbidden to question him and are expected to accept his truthfulness blindly without investigation. Gulen understood that information would be the main enemy of his newly invented religion. His devotees are all brainwashed, and basic world information is deliberately withheld from them. It is no secret that Gulen’s goal is world rule, and I am not simply giving vent to some right winged political religious conspiracy theory. World dominance is the stated aim of Gulen. He means to gain it with whatever means are available. Gulen was rarely criticized by journalists and the government, because it could be dangerous to do so. Since 2013, when Gulen and the AKP publicly got into a power fight, Gulen has cursed and prayed hard to Allah that the party would not return to power, but Allah did not grant Gulen’s wish, and the AKP continues to reveal his lies and deception. Even Allah is tired of Gulenists lies and deceptions. For a long time, Gulen’s followers believed he was a wise man and that he saw the future. But now we know that Gulenists wiretapped many people in Turkey from the president’s office to political party leaders, to businessmen and company owners, so Allah was not the one who was telling Gulen what will happen, but instead people who spy for him gave him information. Thanks to Erdogan who intends to confront their lies and defamation directly with facts, with witnesses, and with the same commitment to the truth that their opponents exhibit with their commitment to falsehoods, lies, and deceptions. The leadership of the Gulen organization is frightening in its pursuit of its agenda to obtain power and to influence others at any cost and at the expense of any principles.

The Gulen movement in Turkey and around the world has made a well-documented practice of offering bribes, cheating, and lying to journalists, businessmen, and policy makers with awards and gifts of travel to Turkey. Their trips lead recipients through their highly propagandistic agendas to disseminate Gulen and his cult ideology. If anyone who is very serious and does a little research about Gulen’s movement, he or she will see the very strongly proven, undeniable facts about the cult movement. The Gulen organization operates in such a clandestine and covert manner. They appear to be pursing a classic false flag operation promoting freedom of speech, democracy, love, peace, and tolerance, on one hand while subordinating human rights for all those who do not follow their system on the other. If Gulenists told Westerns or Americans about Prophet Mohammed the way they talk about Gulen, the rest of the world would become Muslims. It is with obnoxious self-referential praise that they talk about themselves and their leader.

One of the biggest scams from the Gulen’s cult is the 2014 Congressional recognition of Gulen by the States of Texas and other states. As usual they have used generic terms to describe Gulen as champion of peace and tolerance, the promoter of dialogue, and yet they never mentioned that Gulen is a non-tolerant dictator. According to USA Today, an investigation has found that Gulenists funded as many as 200 trips to Turkey for members of the US Congress and staff, apparently repeatedly violating House rules and possibly federal law because of the funding issues. The United States should extradite Gulen from Pennsylvania where he has lived since 1999. Gulen will no longer serve American interests because Gulen has lost his influence, and he is nothing but a leader and founder of a scam empire. Gulen‘s media, banks, and businesses have been closed in Turkey, and his schools and other companies will be closed soon. Gulen should go to Turkey to face justice and to pay the price for lying and for stealing people’s money to build the empire, using it for gambling. Instead Gulen ordered all his followers to escape from Turkey and to go to other countries to hide. The movement has founded hundreds of charter schools, NGOs, culture houses, institutes in the USA—all supported by tax money. The USA government should put all those on trial who lied and falsified about their status. The Turkish government hired the Robert Amsterdam Law Firm to investigate fraud in their charter schools, H1- B visas, money laundering, illegal lobbying, human trafficking, and bribery. It is essential to show support for those attorneys. Attorney Mark Hall from Texas, who was hired years ago to vet the Gulen movement for their work with the Texas State Education Board, has written a documentary called “Killing Ed” about how the Gulen Movement is privatizing education, a film that is just being released.

Some of the countries have already closed Gulen’s schools, and many will follow in a domino effect. That is why Gulen would never take a step back even if he is wrong because he believes that if he does, then it will affect all his other activities. The FBI has already investigated Gulen’s charter schools and found misuse of federal education grants and misuse of contracts granted to only Gulen business contractors. I am hoping they round up the rest of the neck and brains of the Gulen movement in the United States and then in the rest of the world.

Gulen will not stop it until he is dead, because he is prideful and arrogant, telling his followers that they are doing the work of Allah. Generally Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should be truthful to each other, but it is fine to lie to non-believers under certain circumstances, taqiya, kitman, and for Gulen tedbir or precaution, which is a must. This precaution is important because the history of Islam began with secrecy and went underground until Islam gained power over the rest of non-Muslims in order to draw out their vulnerability and to defeat them. If you study him and listen to his speeches, you will note that he is always flip-flopping and that nothing is consistent. For Gulen if it is possible to achieve any goal by lying and by not telling the truth, it is ok for him to do so. Gulen always motivate his followers to have an obligatory lie if the goal is obligatory. It is precautionary in all cases to employ words that mislead. Gulenists accused every Kurd who asked for basic rights of being terrorists and put them in jail. It is time for Gulen and followers, the Gulenists, to pay their time in jail.

Dr. Aland Mizell is with the MCI and a regular contributor to The Kurdistan Tribune, Mindanao Times.You may email the author

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  1. David
    January 4, 2016 | 10:05

    Gulen is a coward and betrayal. All his thieves are escaped from Turkey .

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