Acknowledge the PKK as Freedom Fighters and a Partner for Peace!

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed:

Due to arbitrarily-drawn borders in the Middle East on at least two occasions, the first at the Sykes Picot (also calls the Asian Minor Agreement (16th of May 1916) (1), and the second in the aftermath of World War 1, Kurdistan became four parts, each part belong to a new territorial state: Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.

There have always been Kurdish movements for freedom and liberation in all of these countries. In this article I will focus only on that part of Kurdistan which Kurds in general and Kurdish political literature usually calls “North Kurdistan”, the part that has been occupied by Turkey.

Why the Gorran movement should deliver its promises

By Arian Mufid: With the formation of the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet, all eyes are on the Gorran movement’s ministers and members of the Kurdistan parliament. Gorran tends not to admit past mistakes but, over the past few months, it has tried to select good, qualified people for this eighth KRG cabinet. The…

PKK Refused Money from Yezidis Fleeing ISIS


By Amy L Beam: An estimated 25,000 Yezidi refugees fleeing the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) attack of their homeland in Shengal, Iraq, have fled through the mountains to Roboski, Turkey (North Kurdistan).   They have been sheltered and fed by Kurds from Roboski north to Diyarbakir and west to Mardin. I have visited ten Yezidi…

Catalonia is due to declare its independence

Solin Hacador

By Solin Hacador: On Thursday, Catalonia on its National Day (11th September 1714) had a great victory in its demand of independence. I proudly participated in the demonstration to support the independence of Catalonia. I am convinced that Catalonia is ready and deserves its independence. I must admit that I admired the unification of Catalan…

Invitation to Safety Brings Hardship to Kurdish Population

Rauf Naqishbendi

By Rauf Naqishbendi: Since June of this calendar year when the outburst of the Islamist Caliphate commenced, the influx of refugees from areas taken over by these Islamist thugs were outpouring into Kurdistan region of Iraq. Kurdish leaders naively inviting these people to converge into towns, cities and villages of Kurdistan; and to blend with population…

Terror, executions, the right to life, prison conditions and extra suffering for regional Iran

By Jamal Ekhtiar: One of the serious concerns under the current system in Iran is the violation of rights to life, including arbitrary executions carried out without equitable trials. The Iranian government usually justifies executions in the name of fighting crime and drug smuggling, which is an excuse because it could use other ways to…

Colonial tongue should not hinder Scottish independence

By Arian Mufid: More than three decade ago, in 1980, when the Zanu party won the election in Zimbabwe, the British colonialists of the day were devastated and the conservative nationalist prime minister Margret Thatcher found it very hard to accept. Zanu advocated independence and the eradication of white domination. The British had fought to…

Kurds will not be deceived by the new rule in Baghdad

By Arian Mufid: The main blame for today’s disaster in Iraq lies with former prime minister Nuri Maliki and his hostile policies towards the Kurds and Sunni Arabs. The terrible price of his sectarian rule was the explosive rise of IS which has in turn forced Mailiki to stand down. After several weeks of negotiating,…

Traumatized Ezidis Share Tragic Stories at Hilal School in North Kurdistan

By Amy L. Beam, Ed.D: I was planning on attending a wedding, not a funeral, this week in the village of Hilal. A Kurdish wedding is a grand, carnival-like, three-day community event with outdoor music, dancing, and eating from morning ’til midnight.  But the wedding was cancelled. It would be an affront to flaunt a…

Why Obama’s Strategy to Defeat the Islamic State Won’t Work


By Glenn M Stewart B.A., M.A. Oxon: The recent statement by the Obama administration outlining a strategy to defeat the Islamic State issued in an attempt to cover its irresponsible but honest admission that it does not have a strategy to defeat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is inadequate at best and laughable…

The UN and the non-implementation of existing rights laws by the Iran government

By Jamal Ekhtiar: Most of UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Shaheed’s recommendations concern some hundreds of individuals and, linked with this, Dr. Shaheed makes recommendations to the government in Iran about how to improve its legislation. However, in reality, the problems of human rights in Iran are not only associated with the need for new laws.

Roboski: How a village of 1200 saved 20,000 Ezidi refugees with help of PKK


By Amy L. Beam, Ed.D: “If it were not for the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) helping us all along the way, there would not be one Ezidi left alive today.”  This was the same litany I heard repeated from dozens of refugees in camps in Roboski, Hilal, and Şirnak, in North Kurdistan (southeast Turkey). When…

Peshmargas make strategic gain, recapturing Mount Zartak

KT News: Peshmerga forces made an important strategic advance yesterday by recapturing Mount Zartak in a battle that left more than 30 ‘Islamic State’ (IS) gunmen dead. The mountain overlooks the Nineveh province plain stretching to Mosul. IS terrorists who recently occupied nearby villages are now within reach of Kurdish firepower.

Shaheed’s UN reports and marginalized civil society in regional Iran

By Jamal Ekhtiar: Another issue covered by the Special Rapporteur and the UN rights system is civil society, but the UN has been unable to address some vital problems of Iran’s severely deprived regions. Yet again the UN focusses on issues facing central Iran and overlooks other problems that need care and attention. Civil society…

Shaheed, the UN and ignored historical grievances of Balochestan, Ahwaz and Kurdistan

By Jamal Ekhtiar: The term ‘minority’ has been wrongly used in UN literature to define sizable nationalities in Iran and minority rights has been a pillar of the UN rights system, but retrograde developments have prevented the realization of even recognized minority rights for several nationalities in Iran.