Resolving the Middle East Crisis: the Ideas of Abdullah Ocalan

By Rebwar Rashed:

This was the title of a conference held on Friday 15th February 2019 at the House of Lords in London. There were many great friends of Kurds. It was composed of four sessions.

The first one, the alternative solution to the political, social and economic problems in the Middle East: Democratic confederalism: The Middle East Nation-state crisis through the example of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, And Syria. Lord Maurice Glassman was moderator and the speakers were Hisyar Ozsoy HDP/ Turkey, Mehri Rezai KNK member/ Iran, Rebwar Raşid Co-Chair of KNK/ Iraq and Ilham Ahmed co chair of the Syrian Democratic Council.

The second session, Intervention into the roots of power, oppression, and violence of regimes: Jineoloji as the perspective of Kurdish women’s movement, was moderated by Julie Ward MEP, Dr. Dilar Dirik, Social Anthropologist Lave Hadji and Margaret Owen a British international human rights lawyer.

The third session, The Turkish state’s policies against Kurds in Turkey and Syria: The war against Abdullah Ocalan’s Democratic Middle East project. It was moderated by Prof. David Graeber. The speakers were Chris Hazzard MP, Radha D’Souza a Reader in Law at the University of Westminster and Professor Udo Steinbach.

The fourth session was: The Imrali torture system against Abdullah Ocalan: The international coalition against Abdullah Ocalan and the political and legal realities of the Imrali system. Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley was the moderator and the speakers were Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim, An ANC great personality, presently the Parliamentary Counselor to the Deputy President of South Africa, Ibrahim Bilmez HDP/ Lawyer/ Lawyer of Mr. Ocalan, Simon Dubbins Director of International and Research for UNITE the Union in the UK, Dr. Frederico Venturini an independent activist-researcher.

My speech at the conference:

Understanding the Democratic Confederation

 In order to understand Mr. Ocalan, we have to first understand the history of the Middle East, especially the upper Middle East and of Mesopotamia. My purpose with this paper is to advance understanding of the historical background of current political, economic and social problems, especially about Iraq, and the necessity of finding a solution for them; and thus Mr. Ocalan’s strive to contribute to a workable and sustainable solution for these problems.

Between the Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) and the Lausanne Treaty of July 1923, roughly 3 months before the establishment of the Turkish Republic, many wars took place, including World War I. These conflicts resulted in several new nation-states, established with artificial borders and founded on the European model that had arisen after the 30 Years’ War and the Peace of Westphalia.

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Barham Salih Was On The Wrong Side of Politics for Twenty Five Years

By Arian Mufid: It was in the late 1980s that I met Dr Barham Salih, in London, during the demonstrations and seminars held against the former regime of Iraq as part of our national liberation movement. He devoted all his energies to organise and promote the Kurdish nation’s struggle for freedom to the whole world….