Dr. Hawar Moradi

By Dr Hawar Moradi:

Through one moment to the next, through the darkness of the night, slowly but surely, the light of the day reaches it’s own beginning. The sun far away in the horizon rises after a full night’s sleep. The sun’s rays begin to shine softly on our faces, as if we were born just for this moment. A moment when the sun begins to brighten up the whole earth and at that moment everything starts to come alive.

The day begins. The eyes leave the world of the dreams. Books are collected and packed into the schoolbag. The words written in different lines, with different colors and Styles, short, long, on the front and back of the pages, from the various books begin to get closer and closer to each other. Together, they form new colorful sentences.

Words are all we have in life. They are scattered throughout the whole universe. As apples of all kinds of colors and sizes hanging on the apple tree, the words hang in the air. The words are close to your lips, above your eyebrows, and they sleep somewhere in your heart.

We just need to reach out and take down any word. But we must be extremely careful, not to take down more than we really can take care of. There is a huge risk that we destroy a word, that we kill its soul. A word that is torn away from its origin, without preparing a home for it, becomes homeless. Little by little, it dies. Little by little, it disappears.

Yes, my friend, I feel like one of those words that were picked down. You picked me down gently and put me in a home. I got to get to know all my friends, words in different colors and size from all over the world. I became friends with all those wonderful words, their content, meanings and the history of their lives. I became a word with content of my own. I got my own thoughts but most importantly, I started to think

My friend, the finest and most self-illuminating word, which I have come close to in my time, is the word “I”. What I am and what is required of me. The word “I” has started to become a world that challenges me day and night. I have started to become a bird and fly around in the world which the word “I” has created.

Yet one day you picked me down and gave me a home. One day, you saw me and then I met the word “you”. But after years of existence I am still lost, waiting to meet the word “us”.

Now the light of the day is visible clearly. The sun starts to appear far in the horizon. I have picked down the three finest words. I have given them the finest of homes. They stay closest to my heart. What I want to tell you, my wonderful friend, are these three words.

Hawar Moradi is a medical doctor currently living in Norway.


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