Will the West betray Kobanê? Salih Muslim calls for immediate action to prevent genocide

KT News:

Tukish Kurds, haviing crossed the border, on the way to join YPG/YPJ

Kurds from Turkey, having crossed the border, on the way to join YPG/YPJ in Kobanê (Burhan Ozbilici / AP)

Salih Muslim, leader of the PYD (Democratic Union Party) has called on the USA, NATO, the UN and EU to act immediately to prevent a genocide against Kurdish people in Kobanê. “It seems that all international forces are decided on the fall of Kobanê”, Muslim said.

The air strikes of the US-led coalition have failed to target ISIS forces that are besieging the Kurdish city of Kobanê with tanks and heavy weapons. Other targets in Syria have been hit, and this has caused ISIS to send even more forces to attack Kobanê. Yet YPG/YPJ (pro-Kurd defence force) leaders have repeatedly offered to coordinate with the US and its allies and give them details on ISIS positions and movements in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan). The Kurds are currently the only forces effectively fighting ISIS on the ground in Syria but, so far, they have been abandoned by the world powers.

Support has come, though, from the Kurds of north Kurdistan (Turkey) with Firat reporting that thousands have poured across the border today to join the YPG/YPJ and take up arms to defend Kobanê.

“What happened on Mount Sinjar will seem like nothing compared to this if ISIS gets through,” YPG officer Rooz Bahjat told Fox News. “This could be a massacre if no help arrives.”

“We will do everything to resist these advances. We will fight ‘til every last drop of blood, but if help does not arrive soon, disaster is at hand,” said another YPG officer.

Kobanê’s population has grown to around 400,00 during the Syrian civil war. Idris Nassan told Reuters that they will all fight to the death if necessary.  “If they (ISIS) did come inside Kobani, everyone here is armed, they are armed and resisting. Even me, I am the deputy foreign minister here in Kobani canton but I am an armed man too. I am ready to defend Kobanê”.

“Every girl, every young man, every man who is able to fight, to carry a gun, they armed and they are ready to defend and fight.”

Many Kurds are asking: Will the USA and its allies stand by and allow a terrible massacre? Why do they not help Kobanê?

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  1. Jan Best de Vries
    September 27, 2014 | 07:54

    Dear Editors,

    In the Netherlands I do represent the cause of a democratric and independent state of Kurdistan and cooperate with peshmerga’s in the KDPI with headquarters at Erbil.
    Recently has been published Het verdriet van Koerdistan (Maria E. Luten & Azad Kardoi, Aspekt Publishers 2014 with an introduction of mine). Our next book will be Het bestaan van Koerdistan: Een probleem van het Westen (The Existence of Kurdistan: A Problem of the West). We give lectures about Kurdistan in the Netherlands, Flanders and Germany.

    With kind regards,
    Jan Best de Vries

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