Why Is The Cruel World Silent On Afrin?

By Arian Mufid:

The Turkish state has made the West of Kurdistan, Rojava, high priority to attack and started the most brutal invasion of Afrin, the Kurdish enclave in the north of Syria. The hatred the Turkish state has towards Kurds can be measured to the same level as that of Nazi Germany towards the Jews. The Turkish state never wants to see Kurds live peacefully in their country. This policy is visible inside Turkey and also towards Kurds in the South of Kurdistan, Iraq, and now in Rojava, Syria. Kurds in Rojava comprise a population approaching four million. They have built their own cantons and are striving to build their own federal system within Syria. There have been continuous, baseless Turkish accusations against Kurds in Syria for helping ‘terrorism’ among Kurds in Turkey and eventually, under the pretext of protecting their borders, Turkey has start invading the Afrin Canton. The object of the Turkish military state is first to physically destroy the city and make it like Kobani. Second to force the residents of the city to leave their homes and make them destitute. Erdogan of Turkey is a leader driven by the remorseless logic of racism. The Turkish state is a builder of the road to terror and the world will see the terrible consequence of his actions for all their despotic ambition. Terror is rooted in the Turkish state’s sense of destiny towards Kurdish people. This action by the Turkish state is showing the world how one man has damaged the history of Turkey. This is also a kind of civil war since the Turkish state has many Kurdish citizens.

If anyone assumes that a US and Russia-backed Turkey will win the war with Kurds in Syria, they must know it cannot be without horrendous costs and the possibility of the Turkish state being destroyed politically.

The Turkish invasion has pushed the zeal of Kurdish nationalism to greater heights than ever before, with our sources confirming that Kurds around the world are trying to find routes to Syria to join the battle against Turkish aggression.

The western world should know that the Turkish aggression will not aid peace in the region or the world: on the contrary it will make the world more unstable which will in turn motivate terrorists to be active all over the world, including in London, Paris, Berlin and other capitals.

The US is being led by its weakest leader in relation to the Middle East. The UK is going through the most difficult time politically and, following another brutal reshuffle of the British cabinet, the country’s political stage notably lacks politicians of the past stature of Margaret Thatcher, Geoffrey Howe, Tony Benn, Dennis Healey, etc. With the western leaders just watching the slaughter of woman and children under the bombardment of the Turkish military junta, the next generation is being shown the most cruel and aggressive reality of their empty words on human rights. The murder of innocent people in Manchester, Paris or London should be given the same political and human value as the killing of innocent people in Afrin. The west is making a big mistake and closing its eyes to the Turkish atrocities in Afrin. What strikes me is the utter hypocrisy of the US and Russia towards the Kurds in Rojava. A few months ago the US delivered weapons and ammunition to the YPG to fight ISIS and now it is watching Turkey attack them, showing the true purpose and value of US foreign policies.

The western world must realise that the Turkish military junta is stimulating terrorism, not only in the region but also in Europe. It should wake up to the reality that Turkey wants to rape the freedom of Kurdish people in Syria. It should intervene immediately and arrange dialogue between the Turkish aggressors and Kurdish forces in Rojava. Watching innocent people be slaughtered under pretext of ‘Turkish security’ will have dire consequences in instability for the region and the whole world.

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  1. Benny White
    January 24, 2018 | 15:20

    The United States should oppose this invasion of Syria and the genocide of the Kurds by the Erdogan regime.

    However, the way to win support from the West is not to criticize the elected leaders. I suggest demanding that the U.S. cease providing military support to the Erdogan regime. Cancel all deliveries of modern weapons to Turkey, including F-35 aircraft, Patriot missiles and support for the F-16 aircraft in the Turkish Air Force. Also stop paying rent to Erdogan for use of Turkish military bases.

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