Why Killers Kill

By Hanar Marouf:

In a shady, cold, unfilled room, hearing only the sound of my childhood clock’s ticking, I started thinking about putting myself in other people’s shoes. Do all people have equivalent feelings to mine? Why do killers kill and helpers help? Why is there viciousness in the world? Are not these people humans with similar feelings to how I feel? My deep thinking took me to another world, a world I wanted to leave instantaneously; I wonder what those people are thinking of! We are all humans and, at the end of each day, we meet our beds again and take off the fake masks to be humans trying to relax, ready for the rest. What would a person who has killed two, three or more people a day think about life? Does he have a wife? A child? Does he miss them? Will the pure souls visit his dreams or does he consider himself a hero waiting for the promised heaven? Oh, a lot of questions, without having accurate answers to ascend to my cognizance. I wanted to put my feelings into words, but it is arduous!

From my deep perspective, a child who has love, care, respect and attention would never be able to torture others. The absence of love and appreciation leads humans to be monsters because, by this, they force all of us to notice them. When a feeling cultivates within a child of being treated unfairly in a society, it forms a wish for revenge inside him/her to address his blue thoughts. The distance between emotional and physical feeling within the same person can lead to the killing of his/her foe, friend, or wife/husband. The culture of a society plays an indispensable role as it opens our eyes and forms our thinking. I see a necessity for providing guidance and training for parents on how to raise and educate their children because they are the leaders for any further generation. Building a society won’t happen by chance; rugged roots lead to extraordinary attainments.

Hanar Marouf is a human rights activist based in Suli and an MA student in Politics and International Relations.

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