New Website Launched for Human Rights in Iran

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A new website, Iran Rights Transparency (IRT) has been launched to cover news and in-depth issues on human rights in Iran.

Its vision states: “Over the last three decades … the United Nations human rights system has been pushing its old-fashioned rhetoric on Iran; nevertheless with its fruitless agenda, policies and operation, the system admits its failure in familiar terms like “deepening human rights crisis” in Iran or that the human rights situation has “deteriorated” in Iran, as quoted in the reports of UN rights bodies, Secretary General, Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed and other UN literature about Iran.

“Iran Rights Transparency – IRT  – deems, not only that the UN rights system has not been able to promote and protect human rights in Iran, but even, with its absolute bankruptcy and corruption, it is now a part of serious violations and damage to the human rights causes in Iran. United Nations as an abstract idea, is primarily the United States – unity of state members – a forum for governments, predominantly ruled by their interests, while human rights is the issue and concern of human, individual, collectives and citizens.  UN rights and protection systems reproduce violations, therefore they need reform.”

IRT will cover UN rights and protection policy on Iran and aims to bring dark angles to light. It is currently in English, but aims to start Kurdish and Farsi sections.

Its mission states: “IRT will be committed to work according to ethics of journalism and codes of conduct …While all states are discrediting human rights, IRT  will be committed to be a drop of required effort to restore and re-credit a human centred human rights.”




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