Turkey’s State Terrorism Continues!

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed:

While the West is busy with thinking about stopping the stream of refugees into its own territories, Turkey actively engages in aggravating the political, social and economic life of everyone in the area. The political chaos is very beneficial for Turkey. It gives Turkey an upper hand.

Turkey’s enmity against all of its neighbors such as Kurdistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus explains the nature of this hatred against “others”. After the Marmara incident and Mr. Sisi’s take over from the Brotherhood, Turkey´s relations with Israel and Egypt became increasingly colder too.

Turkey, which was assessed as a “moderate Islam country” by some NATO members, got caught red-handed when the USA got to know, although it was a little too late, that Turkey has been organizing extremist Islamists instead of “moderate Islamists” under the “train-and-equip program” which is paid by US tax payers’ money.

These organized Islamists are called “moderate fighters” when inside Turkey, but become members of ISIS, Jabha Alnusra, Ahrar Alsham, Sultan Murad Brigades, Jaysh al-Islam [the Army of Islam], Harrakat Hazzam and so on as soon as they are outside Turkey. The main aim of Turkey is to fight the Kurdistan national freedom movement, but also to build Islamist Khalifats in order to be able to rebuild the Ottoman Empire.

It’s obvious that the so called “moderate” Islamists are committing the same crimes as ISIS, Jabha Alnusra, Ahrar Alsham, Sultan Murad Brigades do.

  1. Beheading people, and often arbitrary executions of prisoners.
  2. Enslaving women, especially children, and selling them as “sex slaves”.
  3. Denouncing secularist people as “puppets of Israel and the US”.
  4. Vowing to take revenge on the Kurdish non-Islamic religious societies and threatening to enslave and exterminate them.
  5. Shouting anti-Semitism and blaming Israel for being behind all kinds of destructions.
  6. Opposing political status for the Kurds as involving a “Second Israel” which therefore must be fought before it sprouts.
  7. Using chemical weapons against Kurdish civilians in the Al Sheiskh Meqsud district in Aleppo and deporting Kurdish people from different areas of Syria and confiscating their properties.
  8. Killing Shiites and Alewis regardless their ethnicity.
  9. Using children as soldiers and as suicide bombers.
  10. Making chaos through imposing severe Sharia and patriarchal laws and also harsh punishments on ordinary citizens.

The demand of Turkey for Bashar Al Assad to be toppled at any price has cost the Syrian working class, and now the whole middle class, hundreds thousands of lost lives and a total destruction of their homes.

There has always been collision and tension between the Sunnis and the Shiites. But now the sectarianism of Shiites and Sunni ideology grows deeper. The pattern of this conflict can be seen when almost all Alawites, even the secularists and those who don’t like Al Assad, choose to be part of Al Assad’s governance. This can be explained by the simple fact that they choose a dictator rather than barbarians who would behead them with heavenly pleasure.

In this utter chaos, the only reliable and stable region with a fair and a workable social and economic system, is the Kurdish Rojawa. But the majority of this Rojawa happens to be Kurds and others who are as disliked or hated by the Turks, such as Armenians, Assyrians and Christians.

A successful Rojawa, whether it wants this or not, is a challenge for Turkey. Secularism, ethnic equality, pluralism, gender equality and freedom of religious are scaring the Sultans in Ankara and also in Riyadh.

So Turkey’s use of the migration-card to push Europe to surrender is quite understandable. Turkey is using its proxies, the Islamist extremist groups with different names and brands, to destroy Syria. The civil populations have no alternative but to flee. The only route available to them is the well organized military-smuggling route to Turkey which is run and controlled by Turkey. Turkey makes a good catch by using them in exactly the way that suits itself.

Once upon a time, the Al Assad regime was deporting/ displacing Sunni Arabs into Kurdish Rojawa as part of an Arabization strategy. By using this method, Hafez Al Assad was getting rid of Sunni Arabs he literally hated while at the same time changing the demography of Kurdistan in Syria.

Now Turkey using almost the same method by taking hundreds of thousands of the same Sunni Arabs, now fleeing from the war, and putting them in the middle of Kurdish populations, especially among non-Sunni Kurds.

Turkey is now building city-camps between and surrounding Kurdish cities for Sunni Arab refugees. Almost all Syrian refugees have been settled in the Kurdistan area of Turkey, not the Turkish part of Turkey. Through this, Turkey is hoping to change the demography of Kurdistan, fomenting sectarianism between people and maybe, if everything goes well, getting the refugees votes in a future election. That’s why Turkey is talking about “granting citizenship” to the Syrian refugees who would want to settle in Kurdistan area in Turkey. And at the same time threatening to strip Kurds of their citizenship.

The Kurdish people are very worried about Turkey’s secret agenda. They have been protesting peacefully against the plans of Turkey to build new refugee camps in Kahramanmaraş, a province in southern Turkey close to the Syrian border, to no avail. The city is originally called Maraş in Kurdish. Turkey has changed its name to “Kahramanmaraş” as with other villages and cities in Kurdistan.

Usually the AKP leadership is saying that these camps have been built in Turkey, but the truth is that they are in Kurdistan, in the middle of Kurdish areas. By placing Sunni Arabs in areas inhabited by Kurds with Alewi beliefs, Turkey aims specifically to generate conflicts between refugee Arabs and the Kurdish population.

The Alewis have endured massacres and genocides by the ultra nationalist Sunni Turks who today support Erdogan. The last massacre occurred in 1978 in Maraş. Hundreds of Alewis got killed while the state was watching. The killing of Alewis was almost officially allowed between 1978 and 1980 in many areas such as Maraş, and also in Sivas and Çorum. In 1990s the same thing happened again, this time though they were killing all kind of Kurds.

Now the people of the area are afraid that organized individuals from ISIL, al-Nusra and other fascist Islamist group’s settles in the area.

Turkey is doing all of this while the West is concentrating on pleasing Erdogan, the Sultan who has been doing everything to rebuild the Ottoman Empire.

The Kurdish national freedom movement continues despite the hardships, while Turkish state terrorism unfortunately still gets support from some in the West.

Rebwar Rashed is Co-Chairman of the Kurdistan National Congress – KNK

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