Three opposition parties say ‘no’ to Barzani

KT News:

President Masud Barzani

President Barzani, due to retire in July

All three main opposition parties in the Kurdistan Region have agreed to refuse to support an extension to Masud Barzani’s presidency.

This decision was made today at a summit meeting of the Gorran party, the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group.

The ruling parties are trying to change the rules, according to which Barzani should stand down in July after completing two terms and there should be fresh presidential elections.

Abubakir Karwani, the opposition coordination committee member, told Awena newspaper that: “We refused to extend his period of presidency because that is against the law for the presidency in Kurdistan”.

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3 Responses to Three opposition parties say ‘no’ to Barzani
  1. Helkeft
    April 10, 2013 | 17:47

    You guys should ask the question, “Do you support changing constitution to allow a third term for Pres Barzani?” on your website and twitter.

  2. Soran
    April 11, 2013 | 06:18

    Mustafa Barzani was a KGB agent. Masood claims he comes from a Shaikh family. His notorious sons enjoy international gambling reputation. Moksi Barzani has lost 220 million dollars in casinos. He had some charges in USA. Masood called him back immediately. Mansoor, the notorious intelligence in-charge is responsible for murdering, disappearing and kidnapping hundreds of dissidents. Nichirvan, Masroor, Mansoor, are multi-billionaires. The tribal corrupt dictatorial family rule of Barzani has imposed his will on the people of Kurdistan by fear. If there are real elections in Kurdistan, he wont even gain 20% of the general vote! The opposition alongwith PUK together constitute 80% person. If dictator Barzani is re-reelected, Kurdistan will undergo a civil war again.

  3. Lorenzo Garcia
    April 11, 2013 | 13:20

    So, this is the reason why the President should not be elected by the people but by Paliament members.
    I challenge such nonsense, lets the votes talk and let us have some common enemies like corruption and nepotism at all levels

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