The Turkification Of Dutch Society

 ".. NOW .. THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN HAS ALREADY STARTED.. !" (Trouw, 9-8-2016, p. 21)

“.. NOW .. THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN HAS ALREADY STARTED.. !” (Trouw, 9-8-2016, p. 21)

By Dr Jan Best de Vries:

In The Netherlands Erdogan Turks have accused 9 schools of being Gülen schools and the result is that 588 children have been removed from these schools by their parents out of fear that they might be stigmatized by the Turkish comnunity. All the schools are secular ones and the financial damage done to these alleged Gülen schools is enormous (Trouw 9-8-2016, p. 1, supplement de Verdieping, pp. 4-5).

The Turkish embassy reproaches editor in chief Cees vander Laan for not taking back “insults” to Mr Erdogan in a column of Trouw (Trouw 9-8-2016, p. 2).

Two Erdogan Turks have been arrested by the police in Rotterdam for ‘threats, agitation and sowing of hatred’ against alleged Gülen fellow Turks (Trouw 9-8-2016, p. 11).

Mr Erdogan proposes to the USA to conquer Raqqa, the present capital of caliphate IS in Syria (Trouw, 9-8-2016, p. 12) which once belonged to the population of Rojava, in majority consisting of Syrian Kurds, the latter ones duly mentioned in the daily….

Meanwhile, recently fights broke out between Erdogan Turks and Kurds in Rotterdam and Beverwijk in which the Turks were the aggressors and our prime minister Mark Rutte has been  blamed by Mr Erdogan after he said in the TV programme ‘Summer Evenings’ that Turks like those mentioned above should in his opinion “oppleuren” (i.e. bugger off), If I may cite here the Turkish expression: “words unworthy of a prime minister”.

Like in the USA, Russia and Syria (including Rojava) and unlike in Turkey, in the Netherlands there still reigns freedom of religion. Of the (in 2010) 453 registered mosques in our country approximately 100 are Turkish ones which are directly or indirectly financed by the Turkish government. It is therefore not astonishing that many of their imams preach that the believers should take action against supposed or real Turkish supporters of Mr Gülen, once best friend and nowadays biggest enemy of Mr Erdogan.

However, the main actors behind the scenes in our country for Mr Erdogan’s war against both fellow Turks and Kurds are not his imams, but the Grey Wolves. In neighboring Germany their number is estimated to reach 10.000 members. The actions of the fascist Nether-Grey Wolves over the last decade you can find on Google and in the literature below. Simply put, the present civil war in Turkey has been transferred to The Netherlands. Once Holland was my country, now it is Rojava.

Dr. Jan Best de Vries is an archaeologist and historian, decipherer of the so-called Byblos Script from Aleppo and Alalakh (‘How to Decipher the Byblos Script’, Aspekt Publishers 2014, ISBN978-946-153-420-0)

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