Some Military Officers Fell Into The Trap of Turkey’s AKP Government

Failed coup

Failed coup

By Abdul-Qahar Mustafa:

Turkish media outlet report that nearly 3,000 soldiers, including high-ranking officers, have been arrested over an attempted coup on Friday aimed at bringing down the AKP government. It is said that that a significant number of disloyal officers from the air force, the military police and armored units had been involved in the coup attempt.

For some time the Erdogan government has been suspicious of disloyal elements within the Turkish army, even thinking that they might have had a hand in the recent bombing attack on Istanbul’s Attaturk airport with the aim to showing the AKP government to be incapable of stopping terrorist attacks and providing security to its citizens.

I believe the whole thing was a trap and a show. I believe it was a well-planned initiative by government security agencies in order first to find out whether disloyal elements with a coup mentality still exist within the army ranks and second to discover whether they were behind the security breaches and recent bombing attacks across Turkey and third to clean house of disloyal elements within the army who are against AKP rule.

In fact, the AKP government believes that hostile secular elements within the Turkish army, which are against Islamic political parties, have been the reason behind previous military coups, and the banning and prevention of democratic Islamic parties from coming to power in Turkey. Moreover the AKP blames all the previous military plots against the Islamic parties on a few generals, allegedly of Jewish origin, who used to run and control Turkey in the decades following the establishment of the Turkish state.

Basically what the AKP government has done is to fire or arrest anyone whose loyalties might be suspect and hence bring the army firmly under the thumb and control of the AKP. They also want to show to the world that the government of Turkey, its people and army are unified against anyone who tries to destabilize Turkey.

Many people around the world, including me, believe that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a political Islamic leader who is not committed to democracy because he refuses to recognize the democratic rights of minorities in Turkey and he has become increasingly authoritarian. He is trying to turn himself into an absolute dictator president of Turkey.

And, lastly, I would not be surprised if Iran has helped AKP government in planning and organizing the trap for those officers who attempted the coup. It was a test to find out which members of the army who are disloyal towards the AKP government and the Iran regime has expertise in finding and arresting disloyal members within the army ranks or organizing loyal armies and militias such as the Quds forces, Al Mahdi Army and Hezbollah of Lebanon.

Abdul-Qahar Mustafa is a graduate student from Saint Luis high school in Canada. He is advocate of justice, democracy and human rights. He currently lives in Sarsing/Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan.

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