Silence and recklessness of war creators in the Syrian civil war

Solin Hacador

By Solin Hacador:

Dictators may belong to the 20th century, but Assad’s fight to retain  power evokes earlier times: the parading soldiers flourish children’s body by ballistic missiles and on their bayonets; the mass public executions, including of Kurds, carried out in residential areas. No matter their ethnicity, as they are all human.

War itself is a terrifying word! Many would agree that war is an outcome of a certain way of life. But there is no consensus as to what that way of life is. The life in war anywhere in the world is unbearable. However, there is no other option for the victims than to hope for peace to arrive.

Every day the dead bodies of little kids, elderly people, women and youths from Syria are brought to our attention! Children are particularly affected by the ballistic missile attacks; almost half of the victims are minors. It is terrifying that kids are becoming the main victims.

My head is in constant pain for kids who are victimised by Assad’s regime and Islamic military groups. It is obvious that innocents are smashed to bits!

Ballistic missiles are used on residential areas with no worries. The use of ballistic missiles in an indiscriminate way on residential zones is illegal. In the eyes of the law such tactics constitute a war crime. War crime is a serious crime and this needs to be dealt with urgently.

Openly the war crime towards civilians is increasing, and so a watchdog has investigated nine ballistic missile attacks on residential zones which killed at least 215 civilians, including 100 children, from February to July 2013 – and this number is increasing on a daily basis.

“Syrian children are killed or injured in indiscriminate bombings, shot by snipers, used as human shields or victims of terror tactics,” said the UN’s special envoy for children and armed conflict, Leila Zerrougui, in June. The UN estimates that at least 5000 children under the age of 16 have died in the conflict; activists estimate the real death toll to be a least twice as high.

It is thought that crime is committed by individuals and groups of people but nation states also engage in criminal activity. Obviously a nation as an entity cannot commit a crime but a government within that nation can, frequently without the knowledge and support of the people of that nation. We are all witnessing Assad’s wrongdoing. He is abusing his government’s power and engaging in criminal offences. The evidence tells us that Assad and his regime are committing war crimes.

However, we all know that processes occur in wartime. War may radically change their pace, direction, or consequences, with perhaps irreversible effects. These processes reconfigure hard work such as an international conventions, treaties, networks and brave steps to promote peace.

While such governments are in power and engaging in criminal offences, there are only two ways to remove them and bring them to justice. The first would be an uprising by the people within that nation and the other would be action by international forces, frequently via the United Nations to give such action legality. International pressure usually starts with a diplomatic warning to stop what you are doing. If this fails, the next stage up is an embargo of trade etc. with the offending nation. If this fails, then the UN does have recourse to military action. When the UN is not involved, organisations such as NATO might take the decision to engage in military action.

What goes on in Syria reminds me of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) which resulted in the death of 200,000 in battle, and a large but unknown number of civilians were killed by Franco’s bombing of Spanish cities and of vast columns of refugees in flight. Eventually this stopped, but the damage to the people and country is still visible.

There is no adequate answer from the warmakers to the Middle East dilemma! While a majority of people around the world are enjoying themselves, civilians are being killed in the Middle East. Who is to blame? For sure, the silence and recklessness of officials in power and the role of the arms market controllers is blameworthy. This needs to end since all people have the right to life and, particularly, a human being has the right not to be unjustly killed by another human being.

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2 Responses to Silence and recklessness of war creators in the Syrian civil war
  1. KIM
    August 8, 2013 | 09:55

    KIM condemns all atrocities and massacres perpetrated by foreign extremists armed forces against defenseless Kurdish civilians in Syria in its strongest terms possible and urges the international community to take urgent actions.

    Kurdistan Independence Movement ( KIM)

  2. Kuvan Bamarny
    August 9, 2013 | 16:36

    The war of Syria is the war of domination and interests between different political and religious sides ,and each side has been supporting its own group regardless of how many lives are lost .
    Basically ,there are two agendas and plans for the war of Syria. First of all, it is not very hard for international community ,NATO or UN to put an end to the war of Syria within a short period of time,but the plan and agenda of Western world including Israel, is firstly to just support the opposition groups and movements of Syrian people (Kurds ,Sunnis Moslems including Al Qaeda affiliated groups) to fight this war until they overthrown the regime of Assad,which would result into the undermining and crippling the influence of Iran in Syria and Lebanon and also would cripple Hezbollah and its power and influence in Lebanon and consequently would produce more security for Israel as well as Christian of Syria and Lebanon.
    The second agenda is after the overthrown of Assad regime the western world have to empower and support the Christian minority and probably Kurds in order to undermine the power of Sunnis Moslems so that to not dominate and undermine Christians of Lebanon and Syria and also to make sure they do not support groups like Hamas to attack iisreal.So the ultimate goal is to Christianize the region and make sure isreal is safe.

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