Rojava under attack: whose side is President Barzani on?

KT News:

Jihadists attack Rojava; pic ANHA

Jihadists attack Rojava; pic ANHA

The Islamic jihadist group ISIS is making a sustained effort to capture Kobani, a Kurdish town close to the Turkish/Syrian border. Radikal* reports that the recently-established Kurdish autonomous region of Rojava can collapse if the Kurds lose Kobani.

While the YPG (Peoples’ Protection Units) has inflicted heavy losses on ISIS,  the jihadists have captured some important areas in the region. In the last 36 hours there are reports of jihadist attacks and bombardments of the local villages of Birkîno, al-Hûriyê, al-Ehmediyê and al-Cirin. ANHA  reports that the Kobani council has issued a statement accusing ISIS of forcing Arab tribes to fight Kurds and the FSA (Free Syrian Army).

ANHA also reports that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) recently refused to allow a Rojava trade council to cross the border into south Kurdistan.  While Gorran and the PUK have promised to help Rojava, says Radikal, President Barzani is taking no action because he does not want to upset his relations with Turkey.

*Radikal, ‘ISIS trap for Kurds’ by Fehim Tastekin

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  1. SyrianWar1936
    April 8, 2014 | 07:38

    Peshmerge threatening a journalist making a program about KDP building a wall between Rojava and KRG.

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