By Dilar Dirk:

It was a cold winter‘s day in the snowy mountains of Roboskî, when 34 lives were taken.

Their bodies were found, burnt and lifeless.

Selam’s mother recognized her son by his feet, and humanity yet has to awaken.

To make a little pocket money,

they crossed the border on their mules to smuggle some diesel and tea,

when they were massacred by American drones used by Turkey.

Young bodies torn apart by the state, it is a “war on terror”, they say.

One was saving money for his wedding, one wanted to become an engineer one day.

Their lives ended on December 28th of 2011, but the public wasn’t told.

 Orhan was only 13 years old.

A row of cold, unrecognizable bodies, wrapped in thick winter blankets on the ground.

 Roboskî is a wound in our soul.

365 days have passed, with no justice found.

The death of 34 innocent people, unnoticed by the world and covered with lies.

Instead of being dragged to court, the commander of the operation receives a prize,

While the Prime Minister pretends to condemn his neighbor’s abuses of human rights,

he will not regret or apologize the horror caused by his army, the dirty war he fights.

Innocent people perished on a hard and cold journey to save up some money,

 on lands that they have for centuries seen as their natural geography.

How ugly is the face of war and how cruel is the mind behind this system

that regards massacres like these as unfortunate casualties, when it fits them?

 What kind of mentality can terminate the lives of 34 human beings by using unmanned drones?

Roboskî is a wound in our hearts.

 What right had they to wipe off 34 bodies, with their futures, their dreams, and their hopes?

“Kurds have no friends, but the mountains” they say.

But last year in Roboskî, even mountains could not protect these lives when humanity looked away.

 The pain of a mother who finds her son’s stiff body burnt, slaughtered in the snow

hangs over our eternal conscience like a cruel, blood-stained shadow.

Roboskî is our wound, but it is not the first sin.

Another one, next to Zîlan. Maraş. Kocgiri. Sivas. And Dersim.

Roboskî is a new wound to our memory.

 Another act of terrorism. Another crime against humanity.

How do you sleep, Mr. Prime Minister? Are your secrets well-kept?

With 34 innocent lives to the world you have in debt?

Relatives at 1st anniversary commemoration, photo - bianet

Relatives at 1st anniversary commemoration, photo – bianet

Copyright © 2012

3 Responses to Roboskî
  1. Cozen
    December 28, 2012 | 17:38

    Not the slightest of remorse from the Turkish government, yet they champion the syrian rebels cause in Syria, they are already arming and funding what you could only call radical ”’muslims”’ to destabilise West Kurdistan and make their legitimate rights look small and unworthy. Kurds in all four parts need to wake up especially barzani

  2. Muhammed
    December 28, 2012 | 18:41

    well done Dilar Dirk

    your worlds are so expressive

  3. Ari kader
    December 29, 2012 | 04:42

    Yes Seroky Herem must allways check his scale when he justifies the needy relationship with the ruthless Turks.

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