Protest against murder of child bride Dunya: London KRG office, Thurs 5th June

By Ziryan Kamal:



On Saturday 23rd May 2014, a 15 year old child bride, Dunya, was brutally murdered by her 45 year old husband in the Kurdistan district of Kalakji.The mother of the child, who sold her daughter to the man, reported the murder to the police just after she went to the scene. Shamefully the police were not helpful as they only arrived after a few hours. Police officials say they were unable to capture the murderer and that he had fled the crime scene. It has been said that tribal deals have been offered to Dunya’s father and that this has been taken into consideration. This is the most shameful and horrible way to deal with crimes against humans. Women have had to face many brutal incidents in the name of honour, and this still continues. Our aim is to put an end to all of this injustice.

My colleagues Mashal Sadiqi and Hoshmand Jaff and I have organised a protest outside the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) office in London:

Date: Thursday 5th June

Time: 12.00 – 15.00 hours

Address: 23 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6LB*

We have chosen the KRG office because we believe the government plays a major role in how society reacts to things. They have the ability to implement the right laws, and they need to take these issues seriously. They need to set an example for the society. The government needs to put an end to Honour killing. Strict laws need to be put in place against anyone committing the smallest offence to anyone. That way no one can get away with murdering women, men and children. The government needs to make sure organisations have strict polices and that good mechanisms are used, especially in education.

We have organised the protest to demand that all the perpetrators of Dunya’s marriage and the murderer are brought to justice. We also want to see an independent investigation into the roles of the police and the directorate of investigation of domestic violence in relation to this crime.

It is important that Dunya’s parents and the Mullah who solemnized Dunya’s marriage be brought to justice, so that in the future people are aware of the consequences. We will not give up until the perpetrator of the murder is brought to justice. We want to help ensure that no tribal deal is agreed upon, including to reduce the sentence, and that there are no deals or forgiveness for Dunya’s parents.

There is a moral responsibility for each and every Kurdish individual to put aside whatever is at hand, and raise your voice against this injustice and inhumanity. Dedicate your time and contribute to the cause. We want to show our support and pressure the government to prevent similar psychological and physical abuse against women in Kurdistan. If you have any posters or signs, please bring them with you. We look forward to seeing you all.

* Nearest tube stations: St James and Victoria on District, Circle and Victoria lines

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  1. KIM
    June 5, 2014 | 07:53

    Report on Brutality against Women:

    From Jan.2014 to June 1st 2014:

    Eight honor-killing cases took place in South. Following are the statistics:

    2 in Hawler
    1 in Sulaimania.
    1 in Duhok
    1 in Halabja
    1 in Diayan
    1 in Soran
    1 in Shaqlawa

    Most of them were portrayed as car accidents. The Law Enforcement never conducted a true investigation into the cases.
    Culprits could not run away from law if they were not supported by Government officials.

    Sexual Harassment/favors at work environment ( From a small office to all the way in S.Kurdistan Parliament) is increasingly on the rise.

    Discrimination against women has increased by 500% compared to previous years.

    We urge S.Kurdistan Police Departments which still is not able to run independently due to being under bi-partisan influence, to carefully study the cases and receive special training if required in advanced foreign countries.

    We have not heard a word of condemnation from any Kurdish Human Rights Organization so far? Where are they? Why is Washington reserved? Perhaps from now on such issues are considered internal KDPs Affairs?

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