PKK calls ceasefire

Ocalan believed to have called for PKK ceasefire

KT News and Comment:

The PKK has officially announced a ceasefire. This move is a positive response to Abdullah Öcalan’s historic Newroz message calling for the conflict between Kurds and the Turkish state to be resolved by peaceful, political means.

In a statement today, the KCK said that PKK forces will retain the right to self-defence and reprisal should they be attacked.

It called for the “establishment of decision-making and monitoring commissions” to facilitate a withdrawal of PKK forces from Turkey and for the involvement of civil society organisations in the peace process.

PKK sources have informed KT that the leadership initially intends to hold the ceasefire until the end of this year, giving Turkey plenty of time to start to deliver real change. As KT chief editor Mufid Abdulla explained yesterday, in an interview with BBC World News: “The onus is on  (Turkish prime minister) Erdogan to prove that he is sincere”.

PKK military leader Murat Karayılan today also called for a worldwide campaign to pressurise Turkey to release Abdullah Öcalan for prison.

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2 Responses to PKK calls ceasefire
  1. K.I.M
    March 24, 2013 | 01:00

    To all KIM mebers in S.Kurdisan

    Please continue your political activities with extreme caution and in secret.

    KDP intellegence apparatus are closely monitoring and spying on your activities.

    No more advertisement or appearance on any TV channel or media.

    Following the eviction of some key members of KIM from S.Kurdistan, we ask th US-backed KDP to stop intefering with our mission which is independence for S.Kurdistan or we will be obliged to publish some very sensitive documents/footages regarding some secret meetings that took place between its leaders and Saddam following Halabja Genocides and some KDP-Ankara deals.

    Facebook: kim independenceforkurds

    Special thanks to KT.

  2. […] of 2012; mid-March saw a prisoner release, which was a crucial step in the process, and a ceasefire was announced at the end of the month.  American support for the Turkish government has been in place for some […]

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