Physical Assault in Kurdistan Parliament over Barzani’s Term Extension

By Sabir Hasan:

Kurdistan Parliament

Kurdistan Parliament

Wednesday, 25 March 2015, we were all shocked as two MPs from Barzani’s KDP party physically assaulted MP Ali Hamasaleh from the Gorran Movement. As MP witnesses have described the assault it seems to have been well planned. The assaults happened soon after the two KDP MPs threatened Mr Hamasaleh that discussion about Barzani’s term extension as the president of Kurdistan is a ‘redline’. Mr Hamasaleh, in turn, responded that he has talked about it from a legal standpoint and that in his view the only redline is the interests of the nation and the system of governance. At this point the two MPs assaulted him within the Parliament hall – an act of violence that is described by other MP as “a blatant violation of dignity of the Parliament”.

In its simplest definition, physical attack translates into failure to communicate and engage in dialogue. MPs, more that any one else in society, should have communicative skills and capacity. And when MPs fail to communicate, the legitimacy of the Parliament, as the most important national institution, will come under question.

Barzani’s presidential term is seen by many as a source of a major conflict among the political parties. According to the current Act of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Barzani’s second (and last) term ran out in 2013. It was extended for two years, i.e. until August 2015, in an illegal process voted for in the Parliament by KDP and PUK MPs. Barzani is now in a tough dilemma; he obviously does not want to give up his power as the President of the Kurdistan Region. On the other hand, he has no legal support to stay longer as the President of the Kurdistan Region. One possible solution is to amend the Act of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region and tailor it according to his wishes – an amendment that seems far more difficult than one might expect. The KDP has 38 out of 110 seats in the Parliament, which means any amendment without the support of other parties will be out of question. The assault on the Gorran MP inside the parliament will further complicate the possibility of a political agreement over the Act of Presidency. The KRG is already suffering from financial crises, unsolved conflicts with Baghdad and, worst of all, it is engaged in an imposed war with the ISIS terrorist group. The issue of the presidential term is expected to further deepen the crises in the months ahead.

2 Responses to Physical Assault in Kurdistan Parliament over Barzani’s Term Extension
  1. Fight Terror in Kurdistan
    March 26, 2015 | 03:27

    To terrorist ISIS and their sympathizers

    Kurdish Assayish has appointed cover agents in every mosque in Kurdistan.

    Almost the names of all those entering through Syria, Turkey, Iraqi into South Kurdistan territories is available to major global anti-terror agencies.

    Soon you will end up in international courts for crimes, genocides and war crimes.

    Peshmarga Forces are waiting and giving you enough time so that all of are of you are gathered in one spot.

  2. Kuvan Bamarny
    March 26, 2015 | 14:07

    From justice it comes out everything .from justice it comes out equality and love and from equality and love it come out peace and from peace it comes out security , and from security it comes out stability and from stability it comes out peace of mind and prosperity and from prosperity it comes out happiness ,and from happiness it comes out unity and brotherhood and from unity, it comes out power and from power ,it comes out independence and from independence it comes out freedom of slavery and from freedom of slavery it comes out dignity and honor.
    Kuvan Bamarny/Duhok

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