Non-Party Petition Coming From The Pan-Kurdish Global Diaspora

By Sissy Danninger:

A group of long-time friends – Kurds and non-Kurds – in Vienna, Austria, have just started an appeal to the French President Emmanuel Macron and the British Prime Minister Theresa May in German and English.

The English text reads:

Non-Party Petition Coming From The Pan-Kurdish Global Diaspora

To the present chiefs of governments in France and Great Britain, the two countries mainly responsible for the partition of the Kurdish settlement area in the Middle East during and after World War I and thus for Kurdish uprisings with tens of thousands of deaths for around a hundred years.

No person living today is immediately responsible for the past and fatal-split up of the Kurdish people, which are estimated to effect between 35 and 45 million nowadays. However there is clearly a responsibility for the present and the future.

In this respect we, the Kurdish and the non-Kurdish signatories of this petition, appeal to you, Mrs Prime Minister Theresa May and Mr President Emmanuel Macron, to immediately stand up for a late repair of that historic fault using all appropriate political, diplomatic and economic means.

Exert every possible pressure on Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria and their allies in order to build up autonomous regions in accordance with international law and safeguarded by those regulations as well as nationally in these countries. The significantly smaller Kurdish minorities in Armenia and in Azerbaijan should also get their legitimate rights and have them fixed and safeguarded.

Wars and waves of refugees related to Kurdish conflicts must no longer be allowed to continue during the 21st century.

Whoever thinks it is worth signing should click here:


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