My philosophy of seeing

Yasin Aziz

By Yasin Aziz:

We often live, consciously or not, with the past. The past has a hand in our future. It is impossible to turn the page without the impact of the past: turning a page is always affected by the impact the past had on us, or may have in future.  The past impacts upon our genes, in registering our unique characteristics which we pass on to future generations.

Everyone lives with the vision of his own unique world. Each of us has their own personal philosophy of seeing, whether we are a scholar or a peasant, and we are scarcely aware of other’s way of seeing the world. The past has impacted on each of us, or on groups of us, in different ways. Each of sees the world according to our past, present and future experience of our social and political environment: our past experience has formulated our way of interpreting and seeing the world

Everyone interacts with his own types of social grouping, and this may become like a habit one gets used to and adopts, as too many repeats lead to us resigning to a habit, whether we like it or not. The necessity of life imposes on us the way we think, interpret, behave and see the future, even if we see the world in a different way from others. And regardless of whether one is right or wrong, it may even lead to being ostracised: then you are the odd one out.  But the one who doesn’t give up is the one who succeeds through making sacrifices.

Life is a school. We may learn every day from our experiences, but being generous and open-minded in learning opens the way for us towards changes in our way of seeing, understanding, interpreting and planning the future.

When we think of our childhood, we begin to realise and see from being not accounted for, not known, not recognised, apart from being one member of the community of being. Only through working hard, learning, experiencing and seeing can we try to be understood and recognised.  The ones who seek to understand the world around them may have influence to make others learn and understand.  We, as human beings, through trying to survive  – as a natural animal instinct – have a mutual interest to cooperate. But the ones who benefit more are the ones who try harder to achieve more.

Those who delay the life of leisure to a later stage, through working hard to achieve and having the will to make their way can make a life more comfortable, happier and stronger than those who don’t.  Those who refute laziness for the sake of achievement may become examples for others.  Achievement cannot be obtained without hard work and suffering, and seeing others suffer may give an incentive to others to join those who suffer for the sake of a better future.

London Marathon

London Marathon

Events of the past create memory. We live with our memory, whether it is pleasure or suffering, but through learning and understanding we interpret the way we visualise reality of the past, present and future.  Sometimes suffering makes us stronger, and happiness makes us weaker: that is why seeing the past with a scientific analysis can show us reality and our healthy path for the future.

For me one way of seeing the world is through running, as I have been running marathons for the last 23 years, and have done 12 marathons and 14 half marathons, and so I have seen the world in one of the most exciting ways of working hard.   This type of hard work  – and the athletes’ way of life is always different from others’ – has benefited me in a way that has helped me to achieve a lot, and I am still trying to achieve more.


Yasin Mahmoud Aziz is from Halabja and lives in the UK.  He is the author of ‘Dum Dum Castle’ and two books in Kurdish and he is planning several more books, including ‘A Few Days Life of Revolution in Halabja’. Email:

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3 Responses to My philosophy of seeing
  1. kurd
    October 2, 2013 | 17:06

    Karel popper has been said that every persons has a philosophy in practical life…but all that important in that philosophy who popper has mentioned,it seeme to me is optimistic view about life and the world(not in here)…However,our really life as freud has been supposed is nothing and according to him:the life is not a great value,but all that we have is life… but we should live without worry but not in kurdistan,but in europe … life in here is very similar with a hobbesian state of nuture namely:our life are: insecure,poor,too shorttttttttttttt

  2. tony cranston
    October 2, 2013 | 19:52

    Yasin writes an intelligent and clever piece here… He is an important and gifted writer… More from this Author at any time…

  3. Yasin Aziz
    October 3, 2013 | 13:58

    It is obvious. Capitalism has no geographical boundary, if one works hard and clever the big companies will grab them like a honey comb. Slavery was stopped not because of human evolution, because it was not profitable. If we had a few like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson as examples, we would have had a very different views and expectations. When Gabriel Selasi and the Kenyans won world championshipS in running / sports no one could deny them their cheques for $100K, half a million or a million pound just to take part in sports competitions… isn’t it?

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