The Manufacturer of Ignorance

Dr Sherko Abdullah

By Dr Sherko Abdulla:

Translated by Kamal Chomani

Economist: In 53 years the earth will have no more oil.

A Kurd: OMG, that means for the next 53 years Ashti Hawrami will remain as Minister.


This: Maliki is so evil.

That: No, he is not.. . If he was evil, we would have already agreed with him.


Wall Street: In the future, everyone will possess a robot.

Ahol: What about if a man by himself is a robot to his political party?


New York Times: Bashar Assad has made civilians’ life a hell.

Daily Citizen: What’s this Bashar, is he KRG?


The First: Do you know what Nostramos has said about the Independence of Kurdistan?

The second: What has he said?

The First: Wallah Nothing.


Journalist: Iraq’s Army looks like who?

Teacher Salah: Brazil’s goalkeeper.


The Observer: Well, why do we need a Minister for Industry?

Director of Telephones: Because we have the biggest manufacturer.

The Observer: Which kind of manufacturer?

Director of Telephones: Manufacturer of Ignorance.


Source: Kurdistani Niwe

Dr Sherko Abdulla is the most well-known Kurdish satirist. He writes a regular column for Kurdistani Niwe.

One Response to The Manufacturer of Ignorance
  1. KIM
    July 15, 2014 | 17:48


    1) 1st demonstration was held in the capital city of Hawler for independence. However, for security reasons, the location was changed in the last hours. There is supposed to be a second larger demonstration nationwide. You will be informed regarding the exact time and location of it accordingly.

    2) Representative of KIM personally met with KRG Department of Foreign Relations Office in Hawler today. We proposed that a large gathering should be held in the capital city of Hawler and a large number of popular Artists, Singers, Producers, Writers, Actors and Actresses, Politicians, Academics and bureaucrats throughout South be invited to merely focus on promoting independence.

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