Maliki imposes a curfew on Fallujah after army kills demonstrators

KT News and Comment:

Protestors in Fallujah today

Protestors in Fallujah today

Iraq prime minister Maliki has imposed a curfew on the city of Fallujah after at least five people were killed today and 60 injured when troops opened fire on unarmed protestors.

This was the first time protestors have been killed by the army since the current round of protests by Sunni parties began five weeks ago, following the arrest of several bodyguards of the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, the most high-profile Sunni Arab in the cabinet.

The killings were condemned by Kurdistan Regional President Barzani.

The curfew shows Maliki’s fear of a further escalation of the discontent. We believe that if any leader starts killing his own people, he will be removed by his own people sooner or later.

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2 Responses to Maliki imposes a curfew on Fallujah after army kills demonstrators
  1. kurd
    January 25, 2013 | 21:31

    Iraqi’s conflicts have gone into a bloody situation and this it seems to be is erupted suddenly …
    For KRG is better does not interfere in these worst events that now are happened in Iraqi’s scene …
    Presidency of KR did support those demonstrations, but does not allow his people indicate their demands and this is a paradoxical attitude…
    Finally Kurdistan tribune when you are writing news is not proper in it point out your opinions because it is news … but you can do that in an independent article….

  2. Suleiman
    January 26, 2013 | 04:13

    This is the same Maliki that our Kurdish leaders have been file petitions to impeach. If Talabani and Barzani had the slightest drop of dignity they would put their hands in the hands of the rest of the Iraqi protesters to get rid of this scumbag named Maliki.

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