Kurdistan Region Opposition leaders end their summit

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From left: Ali Bapir (Islamic League), Mohamed Farag (KIU), Nawshirwan Mustafa Amin (Gorran)

A summit meeting in Erbil of the three opposition leaders – of Gorran, the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) and Islamic League – was concluded today.

This meeting was long overdue and it had been delayed because of the Gorran leaders’ recent overtures to the ruling Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

At a press conference the three opposition leaders emphasised their call for the abolition of Presidential rule in the Kurdistan Region and its replacement by parliamentary rule.

They also called for the constitution papers to be sent back to parliament for further discussion and consolidation.

Until now, the people of Kurdistan have not placed much weight on these meetings and the opposition has yet to develop a fully coherent policy.

The current unity of the three parties is ad hoc and not based on a formal agreement. This is partly because of the gap between secular Gorran and the Islamist KIU.  Despite this difference, however, for the opposition to be effective it must agree on a coherent plan to rescue the south of Kurdistan from corruption.

Gorran and the two other opposition parties boycotted the President of Kurdistan’s meeting yesterday on the grounds that they did not think it was significant enough.

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