Kurd YPG wins battle, ‘capturing several ISIS jihadist positions’

KT News:

YPG fighters

YPG fighters

Kurdish forces in Rojava (north east Syria) have captured several positions of the ISIS jihadists, reports the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which says 35 jihadists and 15 members of the pro-Kurd People’s Protection Units (YPG) were killed in the fierce fighting. Kurdish fighters took several hills during the battle, which ISIS had previously seized and were using as military positions. ANF  reports that the fighting in the Kobanê canton is continuing and that at least 120 ISIS members have been killed in recent days, along with 14 YPG and YPJ fighters, four of them volunteers from North Kurdistan.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reports fighting in eastern Syria between a Sunni tribe and ISIS after the jihadists detained 3 tribe members, apparently in breach of an agreement. Shaitat tribe members have posted on Twitter: “Shaitat rises up against the Islamic State.”

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