KRG Must Promote Kurdish Language in Kurdistan

By Scherco R. Baban:

Kurdistan Regional Parliament

Kurdistan Regional Parliament

We, the People of South Kurdistan, the Land of the Warriors and Poets, resting place of the martyrs for freedom, cradle of civilizations, birthplace of the Tigris and Euphrates, land of the Hurrians and the Kingdom of Mitanni. In our land Mem û Zîn, the story of Love and Freedom, was born. We are the descendants of the lands of Gutium, Zamua, Lulubi and the Medes,

Acknowledging the sacrifices made by our people throughout history and in response to the cries of our fathers and motherless children, and the yet un-dried blood of our heroes,

Invoking the pains of oppression inflicted upon us by the invaders and occupation armies throughout history: Kurdistan´s martyrs of Soran, the Anfal, the Fermans, Barzan, Shingal and Halabja, and burnt by the flames of grief of the mass graves, sufferings of racial oppression and forced assimilation, mass deportation of Fayli Kurds, and the recent abductions of members of our people who profess the Yarsani and Ezidi faiths,

We hereby demand the Kurdistan Parliament to assume responsibility and courage to enact the necessary laws and implement them in order to achieve the following three measures, of vital interest to our Kurdistani Identity…


Implement the use of the Bedirxan (Hawar) Latin alphabet system beside the Perso-Arabic writing System. This is in order to encourage and unify our language and develop it!


Forbid the use of the term “Northern Iraq” when referring to the Kurdistan Region. Foreign Press, TV, Radio, Embassies, Media and whoever is operating in our region, should respect the official aforementioned name.

Forbid the use of the un-Kurdish naming of Kurdish places: for example, the city of Silêmanî, Hewlêr, Akrê, and Duhok should be used in foreign languages as in the Kurdish original spellings and pronunciations, instead of using Sulaimaniayh, Erbil, Aqra and Nohadra. This is in order to avoid any future territorial demands by foreign powers!


Demand the respect and integrity of our Kurdish language.

Kurdish should be the first language in all areas of life in our region. All information, signs, studies, consumer products and identity information of all types must have Kurdish in both script systems before being used our region. Courses in schools and universities must be conducted in Kurdish otherwise they should be closed. A timeframe of three years could be given for the schools to change the language of their courses or leave our region. Few exceptions could be tolerated, such as schools in languages rarely spoken in our region as Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc.

The most important factor is that no language other than Kurdish should be the primary language of Kurdish students!

These three above mentioned demands are crucial to preserving the Kurdistani Identity of our region and our language. The Kurdistan Regional Parliament and the Kurdistan Regional Government should assume all responsibilities as the legal representative of the people of South Kurdistan.

2 Responses to KRG Must Promote Kurdish Language in Kurdistan
  1. Lîloz Botanî
    April 15, 2015 | 01:02

    Scherco R. Baban:

    I wish KRG representatives will take these demands seriously and implement them because they are the very basic rights of the Kurdish people.

    Sipas hevalo!


  2. Joice
    July 21, 2015 | 13:20

    Good afternoon! I am Brazilian! Accompany the fight from you by newspapers in Brazil. I would like to talk this comment in the Kurdish language, but unfortunately google has no translation. Know that here in Brazil our people have a lot of respect and pride of the Kurdish people , the daily struggle of you . I am very sad to see that other countries do not take action to help the people of you . Every country has the right to independence.

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