KRG Education Minister: Building crisis can be solved by 2020

KT News:

Pishtiwan Sadiq

Pishtiwan Sadiq

HAWLER, Kurdistan region – Pishtiwan Sadiq, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Minister of Education, says that, if the KRG can resolve the budget crisis, his ministry can solve the deficiencies in school buildings in the region.

Sadiq told KNN TV, during a ceremony in Slemani, that the ministry is working on a new policy to implement decentralization and give authority to minor directorates of the ministry. Speaking about the shortage of buildings for students, he stated that, if the KRG can resolve the budget crisis next year, they then can overcome these problems by 2020.

“Problems related to the Ministry of Education, we will for sure solve them” Sadiq said. “But the budget is related to the KRG and the current situation.”

Sadiq detailed that they are trying to create new guidance for the ministry because the last set was issued in 1992; old laws cannot cater for the new areas and developments.

He was hopeful that the KRG would pay more attention to his ministry in order to overcome the problems.

Due in part to the rapid growth of the population, which is increasingly concentrated in the big cities, the KRG has so far been unable to provide adequate education, and there are still cases of three schools operating in one single building.

In Slemani, for example, there are 601 two-shift schools and 52 three-shift-schools. In addition, 114 schools are in rented houses and buildings although there are several governmental buildings occupied by the political parties, PUK and KDP.

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  1. Khalid
    July 8, 2014 | 19:17

    Afghanistan toward dictatorship. No democracy is respected. Dictator Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is supported y US Admin to serve the 3rd term.

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