KCK: Settlement process in the North cannot go together with supporting ISIS against Rojava

By the KCK Co-Presidency:

Rojava resistance fighters; Pic-Rojava Report

Rojava resistance fighters; Pic-Rojava Report

To Our Peoples and the Public Opinion

The Rojava revolution is the revolution of the entire Kurdistan. Kobani is the heart of the Rojava revolution. The attack on Kobani by ISIS gangs and forces behind it is in fact an attack on the whole people of Kurdistan. These attacks can be responded by the coalescence of our people in the four parts of Kurdistan, particularly in North Kurdistan, and the Kurdish diaspora and their embracing of the Kobani resistance.

Our people in Kobani, man and woman, young and old alike, are carrying out an all-out resistance.  As far as the resistance in Kobani is concerned, the day is the day of honour. The Kurdish people are an honourable and resistant people. They will not bow to the oppressors and will resist till the end.

Those who keep silent against the brutal attacks on our people in Kobani and stay quiet on the sublime resistance of our people are by no means patriotic. Today, Kobani is the qibla of resistance, patriotism and  honour.

All the Kurds should head toward Kobani, participate in the resistance and embrace it by giving material and spiritual support.

The ISIS terrorists attack our people by crossing the Iraqi and Turkish borders into Syria. Those opening their doors to ISIS and helping them cross to Rojava are the enemies of our people in Rojava, and consequently, the enemies of the whole Kurdish people.

Likewise, those closing the Tel Kocher (Yarubia) border should well know that they want to break our people’s resolve for resistance, and they are responsible for killing and sufferings of our people.

Turkey should immediately abandon its policy of opening its borders to ISIS, ensuring their crossing into Rojava and setting them against the people of Kobani. This is a dirty and dangerous plan. ISIS and the AKP administration have reached an agreement. The fall of Kobani and the elimination of Rojava revolution is their common strategy. In the meantime, they have agreed to set free the Turkish Embassy personnel taken hostage in Mosul. Our people, the patriotic Kurdish youth and the friends of Rojava revolution should be conscious of this fact.

At a time when the AKP administration is setting the ISIS bandit group against Rojava before the eyes of our people in Urfa, Ceylanpinar, Birecik and Suruc, how can the Kurdish youth, boys and girls, stay silent and remain unresponsive? It is the AKP administration which transgresses the border and facilitates the crossing of the ISIS bandits into Rojava. Therefore, no border barrier can prevent the Kurdish youth from crossing into Rojava and taking part in the people’s resistance. What matters in not the border; but rather, it is the will and freedom of a people. They should recognize no obstacle, even if borders, in this struggle.

The attacks on the Rojava revolution and Kobani are being organized in the North by the AKP. Our people in North Kurdistan and the resistant youth of Kurdistan should take part in the Kobani resistance under the slogan of “ The Rojava revolution is the revolution of the North”. All people including Kurdish politicians, democrats, diplomats and MPs should mobilise to support the Rojava revolution.

We warn the AKP; the AKP administration should stop playing ostrich. The settlement process in the North cannot go together with supporting ISIS against Rojava. The Kurdish people and our Movement would not accept it. The AKP administration should either support ISIS or act according to the spirit of the settlement process. Otherwise, the Rojava revolution would inevitably spill over to North Kurdistan and no force would be able to stand in its way.

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